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ipsec(8) [centos man page]

IPSEC(8)							Executable programs							  IPSEC(8)

ipsec - invoke IPsec utilities SYNOPSIS
ipsec command [argument...] ipsec --help ipsec --version ipsec --versioncode ipsec --copyright ipsec --directory ipsec --confdir DESCRIPTION
Ipsec invokes any of several utilities involved in controlling the IPsec encryption/authentication system, running the specified command with the specified arguments as if it had been invoked directly. This largely eliminates possible name collisions with other software, and also permits some centralized services. ipsec --help lists the available commands. Most have their own manual pages, e.g. ipsec_auto(8) for auto. ipsec --version outputs version information about Linux FreeS/WAN. A version code of the form ``Uxxx/Kyyy'' indicates that the user-level utilities are version xxx but the kernel portion appears to be version yyy (this form is used only if the two disagree). ipsec --versioncode outputs just the version code, with none of --version's supporting information, for use by scripts. ipsec --copyright supplies boring copyright details. ipsec --directory reports where ipsec thinks the IPsec utilities are stored. ipsec --confdir reports where ipsec thinks the IPsec configuration files are stored. FILES
/usr/local/lib/ipsec usual utilities directory SEE ALSO
ipsec.conf(5), ipsec.secrets(5), ipsec_auto(8), ipsec_barf(8), ipsec_setup(8), ipsec_showhostkey(8) HTML documentation shipped with the release, starting with doc/index.html. <> may also be of use. HISTORY
Written for Linux FreeS/WAN <> by Henry Spencer. BUGS
The provision of centralized services, while convenient, does compromise the original concept of making the utilities invocable directly as well as via ipsec. AUTHOR
Paul Wouters placeholder to suppress warning libreswan 12/29/2012 IPSEC(8)

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IPSEC_KLIPSDEBUG(8)						Executable programs					       IPSEC_KLIPSDEBUG(8)

ipsec_klipsdebug - set KLIPS and MAST debug features and level. Other stacks are not supported. SYNOPSIS
ipsec klipsdebug ipsec klipsdebug --set flagname ipsec klipsdebug --clear flagname ipsec klipsdebug --all ipsec klipsdebug --none ipsec klipsdebug --help ipsec klipsdebug --version DESCRIPTION
Klipsdebug sets and clears flags that control various parts of the debugging output of Klips (the kernel portion of FreeS/WAN IPSEC). The form with no additional arguments lists the present contents of /proc/net/ipsec_klipsdebug. The --set form turns the specified flag on, while the --clear form turns the specified flag off. The --all form turns all flags on except verbose, while the --none form turns all flags off. The current flag names are: tunnel tunnelling code tunnel-xmit tunnelling transmit only code pfkey userspace communication code xform transform selection and manipulation code eroute eroute table manipulation code spi SA table manipulation code radij radij tree manipulation code esp encryptions transforms code ah authentication transforms code rcv receive code ipcomp ip compression transforms code verbose give even more information, BEWARE: a)this will print authentication and encryption keys in the logs b)this will probably trample the 4k kernel printk buffer giving inaccurate output All Klips debug output appears as messages to syslogd(8). Most systems are set up to log these messages to /var/log/messages. Beware that klipsdebug --all produces a lot of output and the log file will grow quickly. The file format for /proc/net/ipsec_klipsdebug is discussed in ipsec_klipsdebug(5). EXAMPLES
klipsdebug --all turns on all KLIPS debugging except verbose. klipsdebug --clear tunnel turns off only the tunnel debugging messages. FILES
/proc/net/ipsec_klipsdebug, /usr/local/bin/ipsec SEE ALSO
ipsec(8), ipsec_manual(8), ipsec_tncfg(8), ipsec_eroute(8), ipsec_spi(8), ipsec_spigrp(8), ipsec_klipsdebug(5) HISTORY
Written for the Linux FreeS/WAN project <> by Richard Guy Briggs. BUGS
It really ought to be possible to set or unset selective combinations of flags. AUTHOR
Paul Wouters placeholder to suppress warning libreswan 12/16/2012 IPSEC_KLIPSDEBUG(8)
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