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CentOS 7.0 - man page for xml-xread (centos section 1)

XML-XREAD(1)							   User commands						      XML-XREAD(1)

xml-xread - A simple command-line XML parsing application
xml-xread [options] document.xml
xml-xread is a simple command-line XML Parser. It's just a little wrapper around the JAXP XMLReader with support for catalogs. The process ends with error-level 1, if there were errors.
Command-line options are described below. -c catalogfile Load a particular catalog file -w Perform a well-formed parse, not a validating parse -v (default) Perform a validating parse -s Enable W3C XML Schema validation -n Perform a namespace-ignorant parse -N (default) Perform a namespace-aware parse -d integer Set the debug level. Warnings are shown if the debug level is > 2 -E integer Set the maximum number of errors to display xml-commons-resolver 11 April 2013 XML-XREAD(1)