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XmDataFieldSetAddMode(library call)			      XmDataFieldSetAddMode(library call)

       XmDataFieldSetAddMode -- A DataField function that sets the state of Add mode

       #include <Xm/DataF.h>
       void XmDataFieldSetAddMode(
       Widget widget,
       Boolean state);

       XmDataFieldSetAddMode  controls	whether  or not the DataField widget is in Add mode. When
       the widget is in Add mode, the insert cursor can be moved without disturbing  the  primary

       widget	 Specifies the DataField widget ID

       state	 Specifies whether or not the widget is in Add mode. A value of True turns on Add
		 mode; a value of False turns off Add mode.

       For a complete definition of DataField and its associated resources, see XmDataField(3).


							      XmDataFieldSetAddMode(library call)
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