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CentOS 7.0 - man page for ldns-config (centos section 1)

ldns-config(1)						      General Commands Manual						    ldns-config(1)

ldns-config - show compiler and linker flags for ldns usage.
ldns-config [ OPTIONS ]
When writing programs using ldns, you have to tell the compiler where to look for include files and what libraries from which location to link to. ldns-config can be used to find out what flags to use with the C compiler and the linker.
--cflags Show the C compiler flags needed to compile with ldns --libs Show the flags to be used to link with ldns --libs_sec Show the flags to be used to link with ldns compiled for secondary architecture. --version Shows the version of the installed ldns library --help Show ldns-config usage description
Written by the ldns team.
Report bugs to <>.
Copyright (C) 2011 NLnet Labs. This is free software. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PUR- POSE. 22 Sep 2011 ldns-config(1)