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cups-browsed(8) [centos man page]

cups-browsed(8) 														   cups-browsed(8)

cups-browsed - A daemon for browsing the Bonjour broadcasts of shared, remote CUPS printers SYNOPSIS
cups-browsed [-v | -d | --debug] DESCRIPTION
cups-browsed has three independently switchable functions: 1. Browse Bonjour broadcasts of remote printers and create/remove local raw queues pointing to these printers. 2. Browse CUPS broadcasts of remote printers and create/remove local raw queues pointing to these printers. 3. Broadcast local queues with the CUPS protocol. OPTIONS
-v, -d, --debug Debug mode FILES
/etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf NOTES
Please take references to cups 1.6.x to include newer versions. Similarily, cups 1.5.x is intended to encompass older versions too. In environments with only cups 1.6.x servers and clients (plus cups-browsed on either server or client or both) the function described in 1. enables the automatic discovery of remote queues and their display in printing dialogues of applications and with command line tools. The facility provided by 3. means that servers running cups 1.6.x plus cups-browsed can broadcast their local queues so that clients with cups 1.5.x get these queues automatically available. The outcome of 2. is that clients running cups 1.6.x plus cups-browsed can use the CUPS broadcasts from servers with cups 1.5.x. As with browsing of Bonjour broadcasts, the created local raw queues are available to appli- cations and command line tools. SEE ALSO
cups-browsed.conf(5) /usr/share/doc/cups-filters/README AUTHOR
The authors of cups-browsed are listed in /usr/share/doc/cups-filters/AUTHORS. This manual page was written for the Debian Project, but it may be used by others. 29 June 2013 cups-browsed(8)

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cups-config(1)							    Apple Inc.							    cups-config(1)

cups-config - get cups api, compiler, directory, and link information. SYNOPSIS
cups-config --api-version cups-config --build cups-config --cflags cups-config --datadir cups-config --help cups-config --ldflags cups-config [ --image ] [ --static ] --libs cups-config --serverbin cups-config --serverroot cups-config --version DESCRIPTION
cups-config is the CUPS program configuration utility. It should be used by application developers to determine the necessary command-line options for the compiler and linker, as well as determining installation directories for filters, configuration files, and drivers. OPTIONS
--api-version Displays the current API version (major.minor). --build Displays a system-specific build number. --cflags Displays the necessary compiler options. --datadir Displays the default CUPS data directory. --help Displays the program usage message. --image When used with --libs, adds the CUPS imaging library to the list of displayed libraries. --ldflags Displays the necessary linker options. --libs Displays the necessary librarys to link to. --serverbin Displays the default CUPS binary directory, where filters and backends are stored. --serverroot Displays the default CUPS configuration file directory. --static When used with --libs, shows the static libraries instead of the default (shared) libraries. --version Displays the full version number of the CUPS installation (major.minor.patch). SEE ALSO
http://localhost:631/help COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2007-2013 by Apple Inc. 23 October 2008 CUPS cups-config(1)
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