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sff2g3(1)			      mgetty+sendfax manual				sff2g3(1)

       sff2g3 - convert CAPI SFF fax files into G3 fax files

       sff2g3 [-r] [-d] [-v] input.SFF output.%03d.g3

       Reads a Common ISDN API (CAPI) structured file format (SFF) input file, and converts every
       fax page contained in it to a raw G3 fax file.

       The input SFF files typically come from fax reception programs using CAPI on  active  ISDN
       cards  (isdn4linux,  AVM  or  DIVA  cards)  or  similar.   The  output G3 files are in the
       ``native'' format that all other G3 utilites in the mgetty+sendfax package use.

       If the input file name is ``-'', sff2g3 will read from stdin.

       The output file name should contain a ``%d'' or ``%03d'' part.  It will be  replaced  with
       the  current page number.  If there is no page number field, only the last page in the SFF
       file will be saved.

       -r     reverse the bit order in the bytes of the output G3 file.  The input bit	order  is

       -d     will one day make sff2g3 prepend a digifax header to the page.

       -v     verbose  mode  - show what's going on.  Multiple -v arguments increase debug output

       The standard for Group 3 fax is defined in CCITT Recommendation T.4.  The SFF file  format
       is specified in the CAPI specs (http://www.capi.org).

       The -d option isn't implemented yet.

       The output file name is not yet robust against format string attacks.

       g32pbm(1), pbm(5)

       sff2g3 is Copyright (C) 2004 by Gert Doering, <gert@greenie.muc.de>.

greenie 				    17 Jul 04					sff2g3(1)
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