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PAPERCONF(1)									     PAPERCONF(1)

       paperconf - print paper configuration informations

       paperconf [ [ -p ] paper | -d | -a ] [ -z ] [ -n | -N ] [ -s | -w | -h ] [ -c | -m | -i ]

       paperconf prints informations about a given paper.  The informations that can be obtaineed
       are the name of the paper, its size and its width or height.  When  called  without  argu-
       ments, paperconf prints the name of the system- or user-specified paper, obtained by look-
       ing in order at the PAPERSIZE environment variable, at the contents of the file	specified
       by  the	PAPERCONF environment variable, at the contents of the file /etc/papersize , con-
       sulting the values controlled by the LC_PAPER locale setting, or  by  using  letter  as	a
       fall-back  value  if none of the other alternatives are successful.  By default, width and
       height of the paper are printed in PostScript points.

       -p paper
	      Specify the name of the paper about which informations are asked.

       -d     Use the default builtin paper name.

       -a     Consider all known papers names.

       -z     If the paper name is unknown, print it but issue a message on  the  standard  error
	      and exit with a non-zero code.

       -n     Print the name of the paper.

       -N     Print the name of the paper with the first letter capitalized.

       -s     Print the size (width followed by height) of the paper.

       -w     Print the width of the paper.

       -h     Print the height of the paper.

       -c     Use centimetres as unit for paper size.

       -m     Use millimetres as unit for paper size.

       -i     Use inches as unit for paper size.

       PAPERSIZE	   Paper size to use regardless of what the papersize file contains.

       PAPERCONF	   Full path to a file containing the paper size to use.

       /etc/papersize	   Contains  the name of the system-wide default paper size to be used if
			   the PAPERSIZE and PAPERCONF variables are not set.

       Yves Arrouye <arrouye@debian.org>


					  24 April 2001 			     PAPERCONF(1)
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