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__gnu_pbds::priority_queue< _Tv, Cmp_Fn,__gnu_pbds::priority_queue< _Tv, Cmp_Fn, Tag, _Alloc >(3)

       __gnu_pbds::priority_queue< _Tv, Cmp_Fn, Tag, _Alloc > -

       Inherits type< _Tv, Cmp_Fn, _Alloc, Tag >.

   Public Types
       typedef _Alloc allocator_type
       typedef Cmp_Fn cmp_fn
       typedef base_type::const_iterator const_iterator
       typedef __rebind_va::const_pointer const_pointer
	   __rebind_va::const_reference const_reference"
       typedef Tag container_category
	   allocator_type::difference_type difference_type"
       typedef base_type::iterator iterator
	   base_type::point_const_iterator point_const_iterator"
       typedef base_type::point_iterator point_iterator
       typedef __rebind_va::pointer pointer
       typedef __rebind_va::reference reference
       typedef allocator_type::size_type size_type
       typedef _Tv value_type

   Public Member Functions
       priority_queue (const cmp_fn &r_cmp_fn)
       template<typename It > priority_queue (It first_it, It last_it)
       template<typename It > priority_queue (It first_it, It last_it, const cmp_fn &r_cmp_fn)
       priority_queue (const priority_queue &other)
       priority_queue & operator= (const priority_queue &other)
       void swap (priority_queue &other)

Detailed Description
   template<typename _Tv, typename Cmp_Fn = std::less<_Tv>, typename Tag = pairing_heap_tag,
       typename _Alloc = std::allocator<char>>class __gnu_pbds::priority_queue< _Tv, Cmp_Fn, Tag,
       _Alloc >
       A priority queue composed of one specific heap policy.

       Template Parameters:
	   _Tv Value type.
	   Cmp_Fn Comparison functor.
	   Tag Instantiating data structure type, see container_tag.
	   _Alloc Allocator type.

       Base is dispatched at compile time via Tag, from the following choices: binary_heap_tag,
       binomial_heap_tag, pairing_heap_tag, rc_binomial_heap_tag, thin_heap_tag

       Base choices are: detail::binary_heap, detail::binomial_heap, detail::pairing_heap,
       detail::rc_binomial_heap, detail::thin_heap.

       Definition at line 83 of file priority_queue.hpp.

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libstdc++				__gnu_pbds::priority_queue< _Tv, Cmp_Fn, Tag, _Alloc >(3)
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