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XmListReplacePositions(library call)			     XmListReplacePositions(library call)

       XmListReplacePositions -- A List function that replaces items in a list based on position

       #include <Xm/List.h>
       void XmListReplacePositions(
       Widget widget,
       int *position_list,
       XmString *item_list,
       int item_count;);

       XmListReplacePositions  replaces  noncontiguous items in a list. The item at each position
       specified in position_list is replaced with the corresponding entry  in	item_list.   When
       the  items are inserted into the list, they are compared with the current XmNselectedItems
       list. Any of the new items that match items on the selected list appear selected. A  warn-
       ing  message  is  displayed  if	a  specified position is invalid; that is, the value is 0
       (zero), a negative integer, or a number greater than the number of items in the list.

       widget	 Specifies the ID of the List widget.

		 Specifies an array of the positions of items to be replaced. The position of the
		 first item in the list is 1; the position of the second item is 2; and so on.

       item_list Specifies an array of the replacement items.

		 Specifies  the  number  of elements in position_list and item_list.  This number
		 must be nonnegative.

       For a complete definition of List and its associated resources, see XmList(3).


							     XmListReplacePositions(library call)
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