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papi_mem_info(1)			       PAPI				 papi_mem_info(1)

       papi_mem_info - papi_mem_info utility.

       file mem_info.c

       papi_mem_info - provides information on the memory architecture of the current processor.

       papi_mem_info is a PAPI utility program that reports information about the cache memory
       architecture of the current processor, including number, types, sizes and associativities
       of instruction and data caches and Translation Lookaside Buffers.

       This utility has no command line options.

       There are no known bugs in this utility. If you find a bug, it should be reported to the
       PAPI Mailing List at ptools-perfapi@ptools.org.

Version 			 Tue Jun 17 2014			 papi_mem_info(1)
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