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IBND_ITER_NODES(3)		    OpenIB Programmer's Manual		       IBND_ITER_NODES(3)

       ibnd_iter_nodes, ibnd_iter_nodes_type - given a fabric object and a function itterate over
       the nodes in the fabric.

       #include <infiniband/ibnetdisc.h>

       void ibnd_iter_nodes(ibnd_fabric_t *fabric, ibnd_iter_func_t func, void *user_data)
       void ibnd_iter_nodes_type(ibnd_fabric_t *fabric, ibnd_iter_func_t func, ibnd_node_type_t type, void *user_data)

       ibnd_iter_nodes() Itterate through all the nodes in the fabric and call	"func"	on  them.
       ibnd_iter_nodes_type()  The  same  as ibnd_iter_nodes except to limit the iteration to the
       nodes with the specified type.

       ibnd_iter_nodes(), ibnd_iter_nodes_type() NONE

       Ira Weiny <weiny2@llnl.gov>

OpenIB					  July 25, 2008 		       IBND_ITER_NODES(3)
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