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OPGPROF(1)									       OPGPROF(1)

       opgprof - produce gprof-format profile data

       opgprof [ options ] [profile specification]

       opgprof	outputs gprof-format profile data for a given binary image, from an OProfile ses-
       sion. See oprofile(1) for how to write profile specifications.

       --help / -? / --usage
	      Show help message.

       --version / -v
	      Show version.

       --verbose / -V [options]
	      Give verbose debugging output.

	      Use sample database out of directory  dir_path  instead  of  the	default  location

       --image-path / -p [paths]
	      Comma-separated list of additional paths to search for binaries.	This is needed to
	      find modules in kernels 2.6 and upwards.

       --root / -R [path]
	      A path to a filesystem to search for additional binaries.

       --threshold / -t [percentage]
	      Only output data for symbols that have more than the given percentage of total sam-

       --output-filename / -o [file]
	      Output to the given file instead of the default, gmon.out

       No special environment variables are recognised by opgprof.

	      The location of the generated sample files.

       This man page is current for oprofile-0.9.9.

       /usr/share/doc/oprofile/, oprofile(1)

4th Berkeley Distribution		 Tue 10 June 2014			       OPGPROF(1)
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