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TAP::Parser::Result::YAML(3)   User Contributed Perl Documentation   TAP::Parser::Result::YAML(3)

       TAP::Parser::Result::YAML - YAML result token.

       Version 3.28

       This is a subclass of TAP::Parser::Result.  A token of this class will be returned if a
       YAML block is encountered.

	ok 1 - woo hooo!

       1..1 is the plan.  Gotta have a plan.

       Mainly listed here to shut up the pitiful screams of the pod coverage tests.  They keep me
       awake at night.

       o   "as_string"

       o   "raw"

   Instance Methods

	 if ( $result->is_yaml ) {
	    print $result->data;

       Return the parsed YAML data for this result

perl v5.16.3				    2013-05-02		     TAP::Parser::Result::YAML(3)
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