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CentOS 7.0 - man page for digest (centos section 3)

Digest(3)				  OCaml library 				Digest(3)

       Digest - MD5 message digest.

       Module	Digest

       Module Digest
	: sig end

       MD5 message digest.

       This  module provides functions to compute 128-bit ``digests'' of arbitrary-length strings
       or files. The digests are of cryptographic quality: it is very hard, given  a  digest,  to
       forge  a  string  having that digest. The algorithm used is MD5. This module should not be
       used for secure and sensitive cryptographic applications. For these kind  of  applications
       more recent and stronger cryptographic primitives should be used instead.

       type t = string

       The type of digests: 16-character strings.

       val compare : t -> t -> int

       The  comparison	function  for  16-character digest, with the same specification as Perva-
       sives.compare and the implementation shared with String.compare . Along with the type t	,
       this  function  compare	allows the module Digest to be passed as argument to the functors
       Set.Make and Map.Make .

       Since 4.00.0

       val string : string -> t

       Return the digest of the given string.

       val substring : string -> int -> int -> t

       Digest.substring s ofs len returns the digest of the substring of s starting at	character
       number ofs and containing len characters.

       val channel : Pervasives.in_channel -> int -> t

       If  len	is  nonnegative,  Digest.channel  ic len reads len characters from channel ic and
       returns their digest, or raises End_of_file if end-of-file is reached before  len  charac-
       ters  are  read.   If  len is negative, Digest.channel ic len reads all characters from ic
       until end-of-file is reached and return their digest.

       val file : string -> t

       Return the digest of the file whose name is given.

       val output : Pervasives.out_channel -> t -> unit

       Write a digest on the given output channel.

       val input : Pervasives.in_channel -> t

       Read a digest from the given input channel.

       val to_hex : t -> string

       Return the printable hexadecimal representation of the given digest.

       val from_hex : string -> t

       Convert	a  hexadecimal	representation	back  into  the  corresponding	 digest.    Raise
       Invalid_argument if the argument is not exactly 32 hexadecimal characters.

       Since 4.00.0

OCamldoc				    2014-06-09					Digest(3)

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