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avc_cache_stats(3)		    SELinux API documentation		       avc_cache_stats(3)

       avc_cache_stats, avc_av_stats, avc_sid_stats - obtain userspace SELinux AVC statistics

       #include <selinux/selinux.h>
       #include <selinux/avc.h>

       void avc_av_stats(void);

       void avc_sid_stats(void);

       void avc_cache_stats(struct avc_cache_stats *stats);

       The  userspace  AVC maintains two internal hash tables, one to store security ID's and one
       to cache access decisions.

       avc_av_stats() and avc_sid_stats() produce log  messages  indicating  the  status  of  the
       access  decision and SID tables, respectively.  The messages contain the number of entries
       in the table, number of hash buckets and number of buckets used,  and  maximum  number  of
       entries in a single bucket.

       avc_cache_stats() populates a structure whose fields reflect cache activity:

	      struct avc_cache_stats {
		  unsigned  entry_lookups;
		  unsigned  entry_hits;
		  unsigned  entry_misses;
		  unsigned  entry_discards;
		  unsigned  cav_lookups;
		  unsigned  cav_hits;
		  unsigned  cav_probes;
		  unsigned  cav_misses;

	      Number of queries made.

	      Number of times a decision was found in the aeref argument.

	      Number of times a decision was not found in the aeref argument.

	      Number  of times a decision was not found in the aeref argument and the aeref argu-
	      ment was non-NULL.

	      Number of cache lookups.

	      Number of cache hits.

	      Number of cache misses.

	      Number of entries examined while searching the cache.

       When the cache is flushed as a result of a call to avc_reset() or a policy change  notifi-
       cation,	the  statistics  returned by avc_cache_stats() are reset to zero.  The SID table,
       however, is left unchanged.

       When a policy change notification is received, a call to avc_av_stats() is made before the
       cache is flushed.

       Eamon Walsh <ewalsh@tycho.nsa.gov>

       avc_init(3), avc_has_perm(3), avc_context_to_sid(3), avc_add_callback(3), selinux(8)

					   27 May 2004			       avc_cache_stats(3)
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