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XEmptyRegion(3) 			  XLIB FUNCTIONS			  XEmptyRegion(3)

       XEmptyRegion, XEqualRegion, XPointInRegion, XRectInRegion - determine if regions are empty
       or equal

       Bool XEmptyRegion(Region r);

       Bool XEqualRegion(Region r1, Region r2);

       Bool XPointInRegion(Region r, int x, int y);

       int XRectInRegion(Region r, int x, int y, unsigned int width, unsigned int height);

       r	 Specifies the region.

       r2	 Specify the two regions.

       height	 Specify the width and height, which define the rectangle.

       y	 Specify the x and y coordinates, which define the point or the coordinates of
		 the upper-left corner of the rectangle.

       The XEmptyRegion function returns True if the region is empty.

       The XEqualRegion function returns True if the two regions have the same offset, size, and

       The XPointInRegion function returns True if the point (x, y) is contained in the region r.

       The XRectInRegion function returns RectangleIn if the rectangle is entirely in the speci-
       fied region, RectangleOut if the rectangle is entirely out of the specified region, and
       RectanglePart if the rectangle is partially in the specified region.

       XCreateRegion(3), XIntersectRegion(3)
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11				   libX11 1.6.0 			  XEmptyRegion(3)
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