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CentOS 7.0 - man page for malrul (centos section 1)

MALRUL(1)						      Malaga quick reference							 MALRUL(1)

malrul - compile a Malaga rule file
malrul symbol-file rule-file
Malaga is a development environment for natural-language grammars based on the Left-Associative Grammar formalism. Malaga grammars can be used for automatic morphological and/or syntactic analysis. The program malrul compiles a Malaga rule file. Give it the rule file that is to be translated (suffix .mor, .syn or .all) and the associ- ated symbol file (suffix .sym or .esym) as command-line arguments. The order of the arguments is arbitrary. See info Malaga for details.
-h[elp] Print a help text about malrul's command line arguments and exit. -v[ersion] Print malrul's version number and exit.
Malaga has been developed by Bjoern Beutel. Numerous other people distributed to it. This manpage was originally written for the Debian distribution by Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho.
malaga(1), mallex(1), malmake(1), malshow(1), malsym(1) ``Malaga 7, User's and Programmer's Manual''. Available in Debian systems via info Malaga, and, if the malaga-doc package is installed, in various formats (DVI, Postscript, PDF, HTML) under /usr/share/doc/malaga-doc/. Malaga 26 September 2006 MALRUL(1)