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XmRemoveTabGroup(library call)					   XmRemoveTabGroup(library call)

       XmRemoveTabGroup -- A function that removes a tab group

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       void XmRemoveTabGroup(
       Widget tab_group);

       This  function  is  obsolete  and its behavior is replaced by setting XmNnavigationType to
       XmNONE.	XmRemoveTabGroup removes a widget from the list of tab groups associated  with	a
       particular widget hierarchy and sets the widget's XmNnavigationType to XmNONE.

       tab_group Specifies the widget ID

       XmAddTabGroup(3), XmManager(3), and XmPrimitive(3).

								   XmRemoveTabGroup(library call)
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