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CentOS 7.0 - man page for livemedia-creator (centos section 1)


       livemedia-creator - Create live install media

       livemedia-creator [-h]
	   (--make-iso | --make-disk | --make-fsimage | --make-appliance | --make-ami)
	   [--iso ISO] [--disk-image DISK_IMAGE]
	   [--fs-image FS_IMAGE] [--ks KS]
	   [--image-name IMAGE_NAME] [--image-only]
	   [--keep-image] [--no-virt] [--proxy PROXY]
	   [--anaconda-arg ANACONDA_ARGS]
	   [--armplatform ARMPLATFORM] [--location LOCATION]
	   [--logfile LOGFILE]
	   [--lorax-templates LORAX_TEMPLATES] [--tmp TMP]
	   [--resultdir RESULT_DIR] [--app-name APP_NAME]
	   [--app-template APP_TEMPLATE] [--app-file APP_FILE]
	   [--ram MEMORY] [--vcpus VCPUS] [--vnc VNC]
	   [--arch ARCH] [--kernel-args KERNEL_ARGS]
	   [--dracut-arg DRACUT_ARGS] [--title TITLE]
	   [--project PROJECT] [--releasever RELEASEVER]
	   [--volid VOLID] [--squashfs_args SQUASHFS_ARGS]

       livemedia-creator uses Anaconda, kickstart and Lorax to create bootable media that use the
       same install path as a normal system install. It can be used to make live  isos,  bootable
       (partitioned) disk images and filesystem images for use with virtualization.

       The general idea is to use virt-install to install into a disk image and then use the disk
       image to create the bootable media.

       livemedia-creator --help will describe all of the options available. At	the  minimum  you

       --make-iso  to create a final bootable .iso --iso to specify the Anaconda install media to
       use with virt-install --ks is the kickstart to use to install the system

       -h, --help
	      show this help message and exit

	      Build a live iso

	      Build a partitioned disk image

	      Build a filesystem image

	      Build an appliance image and XML description

	      Build an ami image

       --iso ISO
	      Anaconda installation .iso path to use for virt-install

       --disk-image DISK_IMAGE
	      Path to disk image to use for creating final image

       --fs-image FS_IMAGE
	      Path to filesystem image to use for creating final image

       --ks KS
	      Kickstart file defining the install.

       --image-name IMAGE_NAME
	      Name of fs/disk image to create. Default is a random name.

	      Exit after creating fs/disk image.

	      Keep raw disk image after .iso creation

	      Use Anaconda's image install instead of virt-install

       --proxy PROXY
	      proxy URL to use for the install

       --anaconda-arg ANACONDA_ARGS
	      Additional argument to pass to anaconda (no-virt mode). Pass once for eachargument

       --armplatform ARMPLATFORM
	      the  platform  to  use  when  creating  images  for  ARM,  i.e.,	highbank,  mvebu,
	      omap,tegra, etc.

       --location LOCATION
	      location	of  iso  directory  tree  with	initrd.img and vmlinuz. Used to run virt-
	      install with a newer initrd than the iso.

       --logfile LOGFILE
	      Path to logfile

       --lorax-templates LORAX_TEMPLATES
	      Path to mako templates for lorax

       --tmp TMP
	      Top level temporary directory

       --resultdir RESULT_DIR
	      Directory to copy the resulting images and iso into. Defaults to the temporarywork-
	      ing directory

       --title TITLE
	      Substituted for @TITLE@ in bootloader config files

       --project PROJECT
	      substituted for @PROJECT@ in bootloader config files

       --releasever RELEASEVER
	      substituted for @VERSION@ in bootloader config files

       --volid VOLID
	      volume id

       --squashfs_args SQUASHFS_ARGS
	      additional squashfs args

       --app-name APP_NAME
	      Name of appliance to pass to template

       --app-template APP_TEMPLATE
	      Path to template to use for appliance data.

       --app-file APP_FILE
	      Appliance template results file.

       --ram MEMORY
	      Memory to allocate for installer in megabytes.

       --vcpus VCPUS
	      Passed to --vcpus command

       --vnc VNC
	      Passed to --graphics command

       --arch ARCH
	      Passed to --arch command

       --kernel-args KERNEL_ARGS
	      Additional argument to pass to the installation kernel

       --dracut-arg DRACUT_ARGS
	      Argument	to  pass  to dracut when rebuilding the initramfs. Pass this once foreach
	      argument. NOTE: this overrides the default.

       Documentation in /usr/share/docs/lorax/README.livemedia-creator

       Brian C. Lane

					    2013-07-26			     LIVEMEDIA-CREATOR(1)

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