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Font::TTF::Fpgm(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation	       Font::TTF::Fpgm(3)

       Font::TTF::Fpgm - Font program in a TrueType font. Called when a font is loaded

       This is a minimal class adding nothing beyond a table, but is a repository for fpgm type
       information for those processes brave enough to address hinting.

       Reading this table is simply a process of reading all the data into the RAM copy. Nothing
       more is done with it.

   $t->out_xml($context, $depth)
       Outputs Fpgm program as XML

   $t->XML_end($context, $tag, %attrs)
       Parse all that hinting code

       None known

       Martin Hosken Martin_Hosken@sil.org. See Font::TTF::Font for copyright and licensing.

perl v5.16.3				    2011-10-13			       Font::TTF::Fpgm(3)
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