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WEBPMUX(1)				       General Commands Manual					   WEBPMUX(1)

webpmux - command line tool to create WebP Mux/container file.
webpmux -get GET_OPTIONS INPUT -o OUTPUT webpmux -set SET_OPTIONS INPUT -o OUTPUT webpmux -strip STRIP_OPTIONS INPUT -o OUTPUT webpmux -frame FRAME_OPTIONS [ -frame ... ] [ -loop LOOP_COUNT ] [ -bgcolor BACKGROUND_COLOR ] -o OUTPUT webpmux -info INPUT webpmux [-h|-help] webpmux -version
This manual page documents the webpmux command. webpmux can be used to create a WebP container file and extract/strip relevant data from the container file.
GET_OPTIONS (-get): icc Get ICC profile. exif Get EXIF metadata. xmp Get XMP metadata. frame n Get nth frame. SET_OPTIONS (-set) icc file.icc Set ICC profile. Where: 'file.icc' contains the ICC profile to be set. exif file.exif Set EXIF metadata. Where: 'file.exif' contains the EXIF metadata to be set. xmp file.xmp Set XMP metadata. Where: 'file.xmp' contains the XMP metadata to be set. STRIP_OPTIONS (-strip) icc Strip ICC profile. exif Strip EXIF metadata. xmp Strip XMP metadata. FRAME_OPTIONS (-frame) file_i +di[+xi+yi[+mi]] Where: 'file_i' is the i'th frame (WebP format), 'xi','yi' specify the image offset for this frame, 'di' is the pause duration before next frame and 'mi' is the dispose method for this frame (0 for NONE or 1 for BACKGROUND). Additionally, if 'mi' is ommitted then'xi' and 'yi' can be omitted and will default to +0+0. -loop n Loop the frames n number of times. 0 indicates the frames should loop forever. Valid range is 0 to 65535 [Default: 0 (infinite)]. -bgcolor A,R,G,B Background color of the canvas. where: 'A', 'R', 'G' and 'B' are integers in the range 0 to 255 specifying the Alpha, Red, Green and Blue component values respectively [Default: 255,255,255,255]. INPUT Input file in WebP format. OUTPUT (-o) Output file in WebP format. Note: The nature of EXIF, XMP and ICC data is not checked and is assumed to be valid.
Please report all bugs to our issue tracker: http://code.google.com/p/webp/issues Patches welcome! See this page to get started: http://www.webmproject.org/code/contribute/submitting-patches/
webpmux -set icc image_profile.icc in.webp -o icc_container.webp webpmux -get icc icc_container.webp -o image_profile.icc webpmux -strip icc icc_container.webp -o without_icc.webp webpmux -set xmp image_metadata.xmp in.webp -o xmp_container.webp webpmux -get xmp xmp_container.webp -o image_metadata.xmp webpmux -strip xmp xmp_container.webp -o without_xmp.webp webpmux -set exif image_metadata.exif in.webp -o exif_container.webp webpmux -get exif exif_container.webp -o image_metadata.exif webpmux -strip exif exif_container.webp -o without_exif.webp webpmux -frame anim_1.webp +100 -frame anim_2.webp +100+50+50 -loop 10 -bgcolor 255,255,255,255 -o anim_container.webp webpmux -get frame 2 anim_container.webp -o frame_2.webp
webpmux is written by the WebP team. The latest source tree is available at http://www.webmproject.org/code This manual page was written by Vikas Arora <vikaas.arora@gmail.com>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).
dwebp(1), cwebp(1), gif2webp(1). Please refer to http://developers.google.com/speed/webp/ for additional information. March 16, 2013 WEBPMUX(1)

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