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XmTabGetValues(library call)					     XmTabGetValues(library call)

       XmTabGetValues -- A convenience function that returns tab values

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       float XmTabGetValues(
       XmTab tab,
       unsigned char *units,
       XmOffsetModel *offset,
       unsigned char *alignment,
       char **decimal);

       XmTabGetValues  takes an XmTab structure, returns the floating point number that is set as
       the value of the tab, and then sets values for the units, offset, alignment,  and  decimal
       arguments  where they are not NULL. The returned floating point number represents the dis-
       tance that the rendering of the XmString segment associated with tab will be  offset.  The
       offset  is  from  either  the  beginning  of  the rendering or from the previous tab stop,
       depending on the setting for the offset model. The distance will use the unit type pointed
       at by unit.

       tab	 Specifies the tab to get the value from.

       units	 Specifies a pointer to the unit type.

       offset	 Specifies a pointer to the offset model.

       alignment Specifies a pointer to the alignment type.

       decimal	 Specifies a pointer to the multibyte character used as the decimal point.

       Returns a floating point number that is set as the value of the tab.


								     XmTabGetValues(library call)
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