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WNINTRO(5)						      WordNettm File Formats							WNINTRO(5)

wnintro - introduction to descriptions of WordNet file formats SYNOPSIS
cntlist - format of cntlist and cntlist.rev files lexnames - list of lexicographer file names and numbers prologdb - description of Prolog database files senseidx - format of sense index file sensemap - mapping from senses in WordNet 2.1 to corresponding 3.0 senses wndb - format of WordNet database files wninput - format of WordNet lexicographer files DESCRIPTION
This section of the WordNet Reference Manual contains manual pages that describe the formats of the various files included in different WordNet 3.0 packages. NOMENCLATURE
All files are in ASCII. Fields are generally separated by one space, unless otherwise noted, and each line is terminated with a newline character. In the file format descriptions, terms in italics refer to field names. Characters or strings in boldface represent an actual character or string as it appears in the file. Items enclosed in italicized square brackets ([ ]) may not be present. Since several files contain fields that have the identical meaning, field names are consistently defined. For example, several WordNet files contain one or more synset_offset fields. In each case, the definition of synset_offset is identical. SEE ALSO
wnintro(1), wnintro(3), cntlist(5), lexnames(5), prologdb(5), senseidx(5), sensemap(5), wndb(5), wninput(5), wnintro(7), wngloss(7). Fellbaum, C. (1998), ed. "WordNet: An Electronic Lexical Database". MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. WordNet 3.0 Dec 2006 WNINTRO(5)

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WNPKGS(7)							     WordNettm								 WNPKGS(7)

wnpkgs - description of various WordNet system packages DESCRIPTION
WordNet 3.0 is distributed in several formats and in various packages. All of the packages are available via anonymous FTP from and from the WordNet Web site at Packages Available Via FTP and WWW The following WordNet packages can be downloaded using a web browser from, or from the Web site noted above. Users can also FTP directly from, directory wordnet/3.0. +----------------+---------------------+-----------+-------------------------------+ | Package | Filename | Platform | Description | +----------------+---------------------+-----------+-------------------------------+ |Database | WordNet-3.0.tar.gz | Unix/OS X | WordNet 3.0 database, inter- | | | | | faces, sense index, interface | | | | | and library source code, doc- | | | | | umentation. | |Database | WordNet-3.0.exe | Windows | WordNet 3.0 database, inter- | | | | | faces, sense index, interface | | | | | and library source code, doc- | | | | | umentation. | |Prolog Database | WNprolog-3.0.tar.gz | All | WordNet 3.0 database files in | | | | | Prolog-readable format, docu- | | | | | mentation. | |Sense Map | WNsnsmap-3.0.tar.gz | All | Mapping of 2.1 to 3.0 senses, | | | | | documentation. | +----------------+---------------------+-----------+-------------------------------+ Database Package The database package is a complete installation for WordNet 3.0 users. It includes the 3.0 database files, source code for the WordNet browsers and library, and documentation. The other packages are not included - they must be downloaded and installed separately. Note that with this version of WordNet for Unix platforms, only source code is provided. Users should carefully read the README and INSTALL files for detailed information on compiling WordNet and dependencies. Prolog Database Package The WordNet 3.0 database files are available in this package in a Prolog-readable format. Documentation describing the file format is included. This package is only downloadable in compressed tar file format, although once unpackaged it can be used from Windows systems since the files are in ASCII. Many Windows utilities, such as WinZip, can deal with a compressed tar file. Sense Map Package To help users automatically convert 2.1 noun and verb senses to their corresponding 3.0 senses, we provide sense mapping information in this package. This package contains files to map polysemous and monosemous words, and documentation that describes the format of these files. As with the Prolog database, this package is only downloadable in compressed tar format, but the files are also in ASCII. NOTES
The lexicographer files and grind(1) program are not generally distributed. All of the packages described above may not be available at the time of release of the 3.0 database package. SEE ALSO
wnintro(1), wnintro(3), wnintro(5), wnintro(7). WordNet 3.0 Dec 2006 WNPKGS(7)
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