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__gnu_cxx::free_list(3) 						  __gnu_cxx::free_list(3)

       __gnu_cxx::free_list -

       Inherited by __gnu_cxx::bitmap_allocator< typename > [private].

   Public Types
       typedef __mutex __mutex_type
       typedef vector_type::iterator iterator
       typedef size_t * value_type
	   < value_type > vector_type"

   Public Member Functions
       void _M_clear ()
       size_t * _M_get (size_t __sz)  throw (std::bad_alloc)
       void _M_insert (size_t *__addr)	throw ()

Detailed Description
       The free list class for managing chunks of memory to be given to and returned by the

       Definition at line 521 of file bitmap_allocator.h.

Member Function Documentation
   void __gnu_cxx::free_list::_M_clear ()
       This function just clears the internal Free List, and gives back all the memory to the OS.

   size_t* __gnu_cxx::free_list::_M_get (size_t__sz)std::bad_alloc
       This function gets a block of memory of the specified size from the free list.

	   __sz The size in bytes of the memory required.

	   A pointer to the new memory block of size at least equal to that requested.

   void __gnu_cxx::free_list::_M_insert (size_t *__addr) [inline]
       This function returns the block of memory to the internal free list.

	   __addr The pointer to the memory block that was given by a call to the _M_get

       Definition at line 631 of file bitmap_allocator.h.

       Referenced by __gnu_cxx::bitmap_allocator< typename >::_M_deallocate_single_object().

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