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CentOS 7.0 - man page for dropwatch (centos section 1)

dropwatch(1)						      General Commands Manual						      dropwatch(1)

dropwatch - kernel dropped packet monitoring utility
dropwatch [-l <method> | list]
dropwatch dropwatch is an interactive utility for monitoring and recording packets that are dropped by the kernel
-l <method> | list Select the translation method to use when a drop alert arrives. By default the raw instruction pointer of a drop location is out- put, but by the use of the -l option, we can assign a translation method so that the instruction pointer can be translated into function names. Currently supported lookup methods are: kas - use /proc/kallsyms to lookup instruction pointers to function mappings
start Tells the kernel to start reporting dropped packets stop Tells the kernel to discontinue reporting dropped packets exit Exits the dropmonitor program help Displays summary of all commands set alertlimit <value> Sets a triggerpoint to stop monitoring for dropped packets after <value> alerts have been received Neil Horman Mar 2009 dropwatch(1)