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Template::Constants(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation	   Template::Constants(3)

       Template::Constants - Defines constants for the Template Toolkit

	   use Template::Constants qw( :status :error :all );

       The "Template::Constants" modules defines, and optionally exports into the caller's
       namespace, a number of constants used by the Template package.

       Constants may be used by specifying the "Template::Constants" package explicitly:

	   use Template::Constants;
	   print Template::Constants::STATUS_DECLINED;

       Constants may be imported into the caller's namespace by naming them as options to the
       "use Template::Constants" statement:

	   use Template::Constants qw( STATUS_DECLINED );

       Alternatively, one of the following tagset identifiers may be specified to import sets of
       constants: '":status"', '":error"', '":all"'.

	   use Template::Constants qw( :status );

       Consult the documentation for the "Exporter" module for more information on exporting

       The following tag sets and associated constants are defined:

	       STATUS_OK	     # no problem, continue
	       STATUS_RETURN	     # ended current block then continue (ok)
	       STATUS_STOP	     # controlled stop (ok)
	       STATUS_DONE	     # iterator is all done (ok)
	       STATUS_DECLINED	     # provider declined to service request (ok)
	       STATUS_ERROR	     # general error condition (not ok)

	       ERROR_RETURN	     # return a status code (e.g. 'stop')
	       ERROR_FILE	     # file error: I/O, parse, recursion
	       ERROR_UNDEF	     # undefined variable value used
	       ERROR_PERL	     # error in [% PERL %] block
	       ERROR_FILTER	     # filter error
	       ERROR_PLUGIN	     # plugin error

	   :chomp		   # for PRE_CHOMP and POST_CHOMP
	       CHOMP_NONE	     # do not remove whitespace
	       CHOMP_ONE	     # remove whitespace to newline
	       CHOMP_ALL	     # old name for CHOMP_ONE (deprecated)
	       CHOMP_COLLAPSE	     # collapse whitespace to a single space
	       CHOMP_GREEDY	     # remove all whitespace including newlines

	       DEBUG_OFF	     # do nothing
	       DEBUG_ON 	     # basic debugging flag
	       DEBUG_UNDEF	     # throw undef on undefined variables
	       DEBUG_VARS	     # general variable debugging
	       DEBUG_DIRS	     # directive debugging
	       DEBUG_STASH	     # general stash debugging
	       DEBUG_CONTEXT	     # context debugging
	       DEBUG_PARSER	     # parser debugging
	       DEBUG_PROVIDER	     # provider debugging
	       DEBUG_PLUGINS	     # plugins debugging
	       DEBUG_FILTERS	     # filters debugging
	       DEBUG_SERVICE	     # context debugging
	       DEBUG_ALL	     # everything
	       DEBUG_CALLER	     # add caller file/line info
	       DEBUG_FLAGS	     # bitmap used internally

	       All the above constants.

       Andy Wardley <abw@wardley.org> <http://wardley.org/>

       Copyright (C) 1996-2007 Andy Wardley.  All Rights Reserved.

       This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

       Template, "Exporter"

perl v5.16.3				    2011-12-20			   Template::Constants(3)
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