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LSMD(1) 			  libStorageMgmt plug-in daemon 			  LSMD(1)

       Daemon - lsmd

       libStorageMgmt plug-in daemon.  Plug-ins execute in their own process space for fault iso-
       lation and to accommodate different plug-in licensing requirements.  Runs as  an  unprivi-
       leged user.

       --plugindir = The directory where the plugins are located

       --socketdir = The directory for IPC sockets

       -v = Verbose logging

       -d     = New style daemon (systemd) non-forking

       Please report bugs to <libstoragemgmt-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>

       Tony Asleson <tasleson@redhat.com>

lsmd 0.0.24				    March 2013					  LSMD(1)
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