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XkbAllocKeyboard(3)			  XKB FUNCTIONS 		      XkbAllocKeyboard(3)

       XkbAllocKeyboard -  Creates a keyboard description from scratch

       XkbDescRec XkbAllocKeyboard (void);

       Applications  seldom  need to directly allocate a keyboard description; calling XkbGetKey-
       board usually suffices. In the event you  need  to  create  a  keyboard	description  from
       scratch, however, use XkbAllocKeyboard rather than directly calling malloc.

       If  XkbAllocKeyboard  fails to allocate the keyboard description, it returns NULL.  Other-
       wise, it returns a pointer to an empty keyboard	description  structure.  The  device_spec
       field  will have been initialized to XkbUseCoreKbd. You may then either fill in the struc-
       ture components or use Xkb functions to obtain values for the structure components from	a
       keyboard device.

       malloc(3F), XkbUseCoreKbd(3), XkbGetKeyboard(3)

X Version 11				   libX11 1.6.0 		      XkbAllocKeyboard(3)
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