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       ipsec_subnetof,	ipsec_hostof,  ipsec_broadcastof - given Internet address and subnet mask
       return subnet number, host part, broadcast address

       #include <libreswan.h>

       struct in_addr subnetof(struct in_addr addr,
	   struct in_addr mask);
       struct in_addr hostof(struct in_addr addr,
	   struct in_addr mask);
       struct in_addr broadcastof(struct in_addr addr,
	   struct in_addr mask);

       These functions are obsolete; see ipsec_networkof(3) for their replacements.

       Subnetof takes an Internet address and a subnet mask and returns the network part  of  the
       address	(all  in network byte order).  Hostof similarly returns the host part, and broad-
       castof returns the broadcast address (all-1s convention) for the network.

       These functions are provided to hide the Internet bit-munging inside an API, in	hopes  of
       easing the eventual transition to IPv6.

       inet(3), ipsec_atosubnet(3)

       Written for the FreeS/WAN project by Henry Spencer.

       Calling functions for this is more costly than doing it yourself.

					   11 June 2001 			IPSEC_SUBNETOF(3)
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