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File::Spec::Cygwin(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation	    File::Spec::Cygwin(3)

       File::Spec::Cygwin - methods for Cygwin file specs

	require File::Spec::Cygwin; # Done internally by File::Spec if needed

       See File::Spec and File::Spec::Unix.  This package overrides the implementation of these
       methods, not the semantics.

       This module is still in beta.  Cygwin-knowledgeable folks are invited to offer patches and

	   Any "\" (backslashes) are converted to "/" (forward slashes), and then
	   File::Spec::Unix canonpath() is called on the result.

	   True is returned if the file name begins with "drive_letter:", and if not,
	   File::Spec::Unix file_name_is_absolute() is called.

       tmpdir (override)
	   Returns a string representation of the first existing directory from the following


	   Since Perl 5.8.0, if running under taint mode, and if the environment variables are
	   tainted, they are not used.

	   Override Unix. Cygwin case-tolerance depends on managed mount settings and as with
	   MsWin32 on GetVolumeInformation() $ouFsFlags == FS_CASE_SENSITIVE, indicating the case
	   significance when comparing file specifications.  Default: 1

       Copyright (c) 2004,2007 by the Perl 5 Porters.  All rights reserved.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.16.3				    2013-01-16			    File::Spec::Cygwin(3)
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