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LinuxTaRT(1)							Signature Generator						      LinuxTaRT(1)

LinuxTaRT - generates email signatures SYNTAX
tart [options] DESCRIPTION
TaRT generates email signatures based on a variety of rules and settings. It can make use of a template to allow the user to produce 100% customized signatures. OPTIONS
-a, --add Prompt for a new tagline and enter it into the tagline database. (requires write permission on database file). -d, --display Display current signature and exit. -h, --help Display a help message and exit. -k, --kill Terminate TaRT in daemon mode. -p, --proc Display current status and PID (if applicable). -l, --license Display software license. -s, --setup Run built-in configuration tool. --daemon <seconds> Start in daemon momde and wait <seconds> seconds between updates. --template <filename> Run TaRT with the custom file specified here. --config <filename> Run TaRT with the config file specified here. The following options may be set in the configuration file. The command line parameters will override other settings. +/-c Enable/disable signature centering. (disabled) +/-cust Build signature based on template. (enabled) +/-n Enable/disable date in signature. (enabled) +/-q Enable/disable quiet mode. (disabled) +/-sd Enable/disable special dates. (enabled) +/-v Enable/disable TaRT version information in signature. (enabled) FILES
~/.tartrc Configuration file, the location and name of the following files can be set here. /etc/tart.tags Tagline database. Contains taglines, one per line. ~/.signature File where signature is written. ~/.tart-tustom Signature template. ~/.tartdates List of special dates. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
HOME Specifies the users home directory EXAMPLES
To run TaRT using default or stored settings: tart To run TaRT quietly: tart +q To run TaRT as a daemon and generate a new signature every 5 minutes: tart --daemon 300 VERSION
This man page was written for LinuxTaRT version 3.08 AUTHORS
Mark Veinot <> SEE ALSO
tartrc(5) tartdates(5) tart-custom(5) Mark Veinot 1.0.2 LinuxTaRT(1)

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sigtool(1)							  Clam AntiVirus							sigtool(1)

sigtool - signature and database management tool SYNOPSIS
sigtool [options] DESCRIPTION
sigtool can be used to generate MD5 checksums, convert data into hexadecimal format, list virus signatures and build/unpack/test/verify CVD databases and update scripts. OPTIONS
-h, --help Output help information and exit. -V, --version Print version number and exit. --quiet Be quiet - output only error messages. --stdout Write all messages to stdout. --hex-dump Read data from stdin and write hex string to stdout. --md5 [FILES] Generate MD5 checksum from stdin or MD5 sigs for FILES. --mdb [FILES] Generate .mdb signatures for FILES. --html-normalise=FILE Create normalised HTML files comment.html, nocomment.html, and script.html in current working directory. --utf16-decode=FILE Decode UTF16 encoded data. --vba=FILE Extract VBA/Word6 macros from given MS Office document. --vba-hex=FILE Extract Word6 macros from given MS Office document and display the corresponding hex values. -i, --info Print a CVD information and verify MD5 and a digital signature. -b, --build Build a CVD file. -s, --server is required. --server ClamAV Signing Service address (for virus database maintainers only). --unpack FILE, -u FILE Unpack FILE (CVD) to a current directory. --unpack-current Unpack a local CVD file (main or daily) to current directory. --diff=OLD NEW, -d OLD NEW Create a diff file for OLD and NEW CVDs/INCDIRs. --run-cdiff=FILE, -r FILE Execute update script FILE in current directory. --verify-cdiff=FILE, -r FILE Verify DIFF against CVD/INCDIR. -l[FILE], --list-sigs[=FILE] List all signature names from the local database directory (default) or from FILE. -fREGEX, --find-sigs=REGEX Find and display signatures from the local database directory which match the given REGEX. The whole signature body (name, hex string, etc.) is checked. -fREGEX, --decode-sigs=REGEX Decode signatures read from the standard input (eg. piped from --find-sigs) -fREGEX, --test-sigs=DATABASE TARGET_FILE Test all signatures from DATABASE against TARGET_FILE. EXAMPLES
Generate hex string from testfile and save it to testfile.hex: cat testfile | sigtool --hex-dump > testfile.hex CREDITS
Please check the full documentation for credits. AUTHOR
Tomasz Kojm <> SEE ALSO
freshclam(1), freshclam.conf(5) ClamAV 0.96.1 February 12, 2007 sigtool(1)
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