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ITSTOOL(1)									       ITSTOOL(1)

       itstool - convert between XML and PO using ITS

       itstool [OPTIONS] [XMLFILES]
       itstool -m <MOFILE> [OPTIONS] [XMLFILES]

       itstool extracts messages from XML files and outputs PO template files, then merges trans-
       lations from MO files to create translated XML files. It determines what to translate  and
       how to chunk it into messages using the W3C Internationalization Tag Set (ITS).

       To extract messages from XML files FILES and output them to OUT.pot:

       itstool -o OUT.pot FILES

       After  merging with existing translations or translating strings, generate an MO file with
       msgfmt(1), then output translated files to the directory DIR:

       itstool -m OUT.mo -o DIR FILES

       ITS definitions are loaded from the built-in rules,  rules  embedded  in  the  source  XML
       files,  files passed with the -i option, and ITS attributes in the source XML files. Later
       definitions take precedence.

       -o FILE
	   output PO template to the file OUT

       -m FILE
	   merge from an MO file FILE and output XML files

       -l LANG
	   explicitly set the language code output to XML

       -o FILE
	   output XML files in the directory OUT

       -i ITS
	   load the ITS rules in the file ITS (can specify multiple times)

       Shaun McCance <shaunm@gnome.org>

       More documentation for itstool is maintained online. For  more  information,


itstool 1.2.0				     May 2011				       ITSTOOL(1)
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