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Irssi(1)						      General Commands Manual							  Irssi(1)

Irssi - a modular IRC client for UNIX
irssi [-dv!?] [-c server] [-p port] [-n nickname] [-w password] [-h hostname]
Irssi is a modular Internet Relay Chat client. It is highly extensible and very secure. Being a fullscreen, termcap based client with many features, Irssi is easily extensible through scripts and modules.
--config=FILE use FILE instead of ~/.irssi/config. --home=PATH PATH specifies the home directory of Irssi. Default is ~/.irssi -c, --connect=SERVER connects to SERVER -w, --password=PASSWORD use PASSWORD for authentication. -p, --port=PORT automatically connect to PORT on server. -!, --noconnect disables autoconnecting. -n, --nick=NICKNAME specify NICKNAME as your nick. -h, --hostname=HOSTNAME use HOSTNAME for your irc session. -d, --dummy use dummy terminal mode. -v, --version display the version of Irssi. -?, --help show a help message.
Irssi has been supplied with a huge amount of documentation. Check /help or look at the files contained by /usr/share/doc/irssi*
/etc/irssi.conf Global configuration file ~/.irssi/config Personal configuration file ~/.irssi/config.autosave Automatic save of the personal config file when it was changed externally ~/.irssi/default.theme Default irssi theme ~/.irssi/away.log Logged messages in away status /usr/share/irssi/help/ Directory including many help files /usr/share/irssi/scripts/ Global scripts directory /usr/share/irssi/themes/ Global themes directory ~/.irssi/scripts/ Default scripts directory ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ Directory containing links to scripts that should be loaded automatically on startup ~/.irssi/startup File containing a list of commands to execute on startup
/CREDITS Irssi was written by Timo Sirainen <> This manpage was written by Istvan Sebestyen <> and Stefan Tomanek <> Irssi IRC client September 2002 Irssi(1)
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