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IBV_EVENT_TYPE_STR(3)		  Libibverbs Programmer's Manual	    IBV_EVENT_TYPE_STR(3)

       ibv_event_type_str - Return string describing event_type enum value

       ibv_node_type_str - Return string describing node_type enum value

       ibv_port_state_str - Return string describing port_state enum value

       #include <infiniband/verbs.h>

       const char *ibv_event_type_str(enum ibv_event_type event_type);

       const char *ibv_node_type_str(enum ibv_node_type node_type);

       const char *ibv_port_state_str(enum ibv_port_state port_state);

       ibv_node_type_str() returns a string describing the node type enum value node_type.

       ibv_port_state_str() returns a string describing the port state enum value port_state.

       ibv_event_type_str() returns a string describing the event type enum value event_type.

       These  functions  return  a  constant string that describes the enum value passed as their

       Roland Dreier

libibverbs				    2006-10-31			    IBV_EVENT_TYPE_STR(3)
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