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CentOS 7.0 - man page for udaddy (centos section 1)

UDADDY(1)				    librdmacm					UDADDY(1)

       udaddy - RDMA CM datagram setup and simple ping-pong test.

       udaddy [-s server_address] [-b bind_address] [-c connections]
		 [-C message_count] [-S message_size] [-p port_space]
       udaddy -s server_address [-b bind_address] [-c connections]
		 [-C message_count] [-S message_size] [-t tos] [-p port_space]

       Establishes  a set of unreliable RDMA datagram communication paths between two nodes using
       the librdmacm, optionally transfers datagrams between the nodes, then tears down the  com-

       -s server_address
	      The  network  name  or IP address of the server system listening for communication.
	      The used name or address must route over an RDMA device.	This option must be spec-
	      ified by the client.

       -b bind_address
	      The local network address to bind to.

       -c connections
	      The  number of communication paths to establish between the client and server.  The
	      test uses unreliable datagram communication, so no actual connections  are  formed.
	      (default 1)

       -C message_count
	      The number of messages to transfer over each connection.	(default 10)

       -S message_size
	      The  size  of  each message transferred, in bytes.  This value must be smaller than
	      the MTU of the underlying RDMA transport, or an error will occur.  (default 100)

       -t tos Indicates the type of service used for  the  communication.   Type  of  service  is
	      implementation dependent based on subnet configuration.

       -p port_space
	      The  port space of the datagram communication.  May be either the RDMA UDP (0x0111)
	      or IPoIB (0x0002) port space.  (default RDMA_PS_UDP)

       Basic usage is to start udaddy on a server system, then run udaddy  -s  server_name  on	a
       client system.

       Because	this  test  maps  RDMA	resources  to userspace, users must ensure that they have
       available system resources and permissions.  See the libibverbs README file for additional

       rdma_cm(7), ucmatose(1), mckey(1), rping(1)

librdmacm				    2007-05-15					UDADDY(1)

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