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DOVEADM-FLAGS(1)			     Dovecot				 DOVEADM-FLAGS(1)

       doveadm-flags - add, remove or replace messages' flags

       doveadm [-Dv] flags [-S socket_path] command flags search_query
       doveadm [-Dv] flags [-S socket_path] command flags search_query -A
       doveadm [-Dv] flags [-S socket_path] command flags search_query -u user

       This command is used to manipulate flags of messages.

       Global doveadm(1) options:

       -D     Enables verbosity and debug messages.

       -v     Enables verbosity, including progress counter.

       Command specific options:

       -A     If  the  -A  option is present, the command will be performed for all users.  Using
	      this option in combination with system users from userdb { driver = passwd } is not
	      recommended,  because  it contains also users with a lower UID than the one config-
	      ured with the first_valid_uid setting.

	      When the SQL userdb module is used make sure  that  the  iterate_query  setting  in
	      /etc/dovecot/dovecot-sql.conf.ext  matches  your	database  layout.  When using the
	      LDAP userdb module, make sure that the iterate_attrs and iterate_filter settings in
	      /etc/dovecot/dovecot-ldap.conf.ext  match  your  LDAP schema.  Otherwise doveadm(1)
	      will be unable to iterate over all users.

       -S socket_path
	      The option's argument is either an absolute path to a local UNIX domain socket,  or
	      a  hostname  and	port (hostname:port), in order to connect a remote host via a TCP

	      This allows an administrator to execute doveadm(1) mail commands through the  given

       -u user/mask
	      Run  the	command  only  for the given user.  It's also possible to use '*' and '?'
	      wildcards (e.g. -u *@example.org).
	      When neither the -A option nor -u user was specified, the command will be  executed
	      with the environment of the currently logged in user.

       flags  Message  flags  as  described in RFC 3501, section 2.3.2 (Flags Message Attribute):
	      \Answered, \Deleted, \Draft, \Flagged, \Recent and \Seen.  And  the  IMAP  keywords
	      $Forwarded,  $MDNSent, $SubmitPending and $Submitted or user-defined keywords, e.g.
	      Junk, $NonSpam or $Label1.
	      One or multiple flags and/or keywords can be specified.

	      Manipulate  the  flags  of  messages  matching  the  given   search   query.    See
	      doveadm-search-query(7) for details.

   flags add
       doveadm flags add [-u user|-A] [-S socket_path] flags search_query

       This command is used to extend the current set of flags with the given flags.

   flags remove
       doveadm flags remove [-u user|-A] [-S socket_path] flags search_query

       In order to remove the given flags from the current set of flags, use this command.

   flags replace
       doveadm flags replace [-u user|-A] [-S socket_path] flags search_query

       This command is used to replace ALL current flags with the given flags.

       List and manipulate the message flags of the message with uid 81563

       doveadm fetch -u bob 'uid flags' mailbox dovecot uid 81563
       uid: 81563
       flags: \Answered \Seen NonJunk

       doveadm flags -u bob remove NonJunk mailbox dovecot uid 81563
       doveadm flags -u bob add '\Flagged $Forwarded' mailbox dovecot uid 81563

       Report  bugs,  including  doveconf  -n  output, to the Dovecot Mailing List <dovecot@dove-
       cot.org>.  Information about reporting bugs  is	available  at:	http://dovecot.org/bugre-

       doveadm(1), doveadm-fetch(1), doveadm-search-query(7)

Dovecot v2.2				    2013-08-02				 DOVEADM-FLAGS(1)
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