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MAKEG(1)										 MAKEG(1)

       makeg - make a debuggable executable

       makeg [ make-options ...  ] [ targets ...  ]

       The  makeg  script  runs  make, passing it variable settings to create a debuggable target
       when used with a Makefile generated by imake.  For example, it arranges for the C compiler
       to be called with the -g option.

       MAKE    The make program to use.  Default ``make''.

       GDB     Set  to	a  non-null  value if using the gdb debugger on Solaris 2, which requires
	       additional debugging options to be passed to the compiler.

       make (1), imake (1)

X Version 11				   imake 1.0.5					 MAKEG(1)
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