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XDPYINFO(1)									      XDPYINFO(1)

       xdpyinfo - display information utility for X

       xdpyinfo [-display displayname] [-queryExtensions] [-ext extension-name] [-version]

       Xdpyinfo is a utility for displaying information about an X server.  It is used to examine
       the capabilities of a server, the predefined values for various parameters used in  commu-
       nicating  between  clients  and the server, and the different types of screens and visuals
       that are available.

       By default, numeric information (opcode, base event, base error) about protocol extensions
       is not displayed.  This information can be obtained with the -queryExtensions option.  Use
       of this option on servers that dynamically load extensions will likely cause all  possible
       extensions to be loaded, which can be slow and can consume significant server resources.

       Detailed information about a particular extension is displayed with the -ext extensionName
       option.	If extensionName is all, information about all extensions supported by both xdpy-
       info and the server is displayed.

       If  -version is specified, xdpyinfo prints its version and exits, without contacting the X

       DISPLAY To get the default host, display number, and screen.

       X(7), xprop(1), xrdb(1), xwininfo(1), xrandr(1), xdriinfo(1), xvinfo(1), glxinfo(1)

       Jim Fulton, MIT X Consortium
       Support for the XFree86-VidModeExtension, XFree86-DGA, XFree86-Misc,  and  XKB  extensions
       added by Joe Moss

X Version 11				  xdpyinfo 1.3.1			      XDPYINFO(1)
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