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ares_free_hostent(3) [centos man page]

ARES_FREE_HOSTENT(3)					     Library Functions Manual					      ARES_FREE_HOSTENT(3)

ares_free_hostent - Free host structure allocated by ares functions SYNOPSIS
#include <ares.h> void ares_free_hostent(struct hostent *host) DESCRIPTION
The ares_free_hostent function frees a struct hostent allocated by one of the functions ares_parse_a_reply(3), ares_parse_aaaa_reply(3), or ares_parse_ptr_reply(3). NOTES
It is not necessary (and is not correct) to free the host structure passed to the callback functions for ares_gethostbyname(3) or ares_gethostbyaddr(3). c-ares will automatically free such host structures when the callback returns. SEE ALSO
ares_parse_a_reply(3), ares_parse_aaaa_reply(3), ares_parse_ptr_reply(3), ares_parse_ns_reply(3) AUTHOR
Greg Hudson, MIT Information Systems Copyright 1998 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 23 July 1998 ARES_FREE_HOSTENT(3)

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ARES_PARSE_A_REPLY(3)					     Library Functions Manual					     ARES_PARSE_A_REPLY(3)

ares_parse_a_reply - Parse a reply to a DNS query of type A SYNOPSIS
#include <ares.h> int ares_parse_a_reply(const unsigned char *abuf, int alen, struct hostent **host, struct ares_addrttl *addrttls, int *naddrttls); DESCRIPTION
The ares_parse_a_reply function parses the response to a query of type A into a struct hostent and/or an array of struct ares_addrttls. The parameters abuf and alen give the contents of the response. The result is stored in allocated memory and a pointer to it stored into the variable pointed to by host, if host is nonnull. It is the caller's responsibility to free the resulting host structure using ares_free_hostent(3) when it is no longer needed. If addrttls and naddrttls are both nonnull, then up to *naddrttls struct ares_addrttl records are stored in the array pointed to by addrt- tls, and then *naddrttls is set to the number of records so stored. Note that the memory for these records is supplied by the caller. RETURN VALUES
ares_parse_a_reply can return any of the following values: ARES_SUCCESS The response was successfully parsed. ARES_EBADRESP The response was malformatted. ARES_ENODATA The response did not contain an answer to the query. ARES_ENOMEM Memory was exhausted. SEE ALSO
ares_gethostbyname(3), ares_free_hostent(3) AUTHOR
Greg Hudson, MIT Information Systems Copyright 1998 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 25 July 1998 ARES_PARSE_A_REPLY(3)
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