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WNINTRO(1)						      WordNettm User Commands							WNINTRO(1)

wnintro - WordNet user commands
wn - command line interface to WordNet database wnb - window based WordNet browser
This section of the WordNet Reference Manual contains manual pages that describe commands available with the various WordNet system pack- ages. The WordNet interfaces wn(1) and wnb(1) allow the user to search the WordNet database and display the information textually. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES (UNIX) WNHOME Base directory for WordNet. Default is /usr/local/WordNet-3.0. WNSEARCHDIR Directory in which the WordNet database has been installed. Default is WNHOME/dict. REGISTRY (WINDOWS) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WordNet\3.0\WNHome Base directory for WordNet. Default is C:\Program Files\WordNet\3.0.
grind(1), wn(1), wnb(1), wnintro(3), wnintro(5), wnintro(7). Fellbaum, C. (1998), ed. "WordNet: An Electronic Lexical Database". MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.
WordNet has a World Wide Web site at From this web site users can learn about the WordNet project, run sev- eral different interfaces to the WordNet database, and download various WordNet system packages and "Five Papers on WordNet". WordNet 3.0 Dec 2006 WNINTRO(1)