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WNINTRO(1)			     WordNettm User Commands			       WNINTRO(1)

       wnintro - WordNet user commands

       wn - command line interface to WordNet database

       wnb - window based WordNet browser

       This  section of the WordNet Reference Manual contains manual pages that describe commands
       available with the various WordNet system packages.

       The WordNet interfaces wn(1) and wnb(1) allow the user to search the WordNet database  and
       display the information textually.

       WNHOME		   Base directory for WordNet.	Default is /usr/local/WordNet-3.0.

       WNSEARCHDIR	   Directory  in  which the WordNet database has been installed.  Default
			   is WNHOME/dict.

			   Base directory for WordNet.	Default is C:\Program Files\WordNet\3.0.

       grind(1), wn(1), wnb(1), wnintro(3), wnintro(5), wnintro(7).

       Fellbaum, C. (1998), ed.  "WordNet: An Electronic  Lexical  Database".	MIT  Press,  Cam-
       bridge, MA.

       WordNet	has  a	World  Wide Web site at http://wordnet.princeton.edu.  From this web site
       users can learn about the WordNet project, run several different interfaces to the WordNet
       database, and download various WordNet system packages and "Five Papers on WordNet".

WordNet 3.0				     Dec 2006				       WNINTRO(1)
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