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hier(7) [bsd man page]

HIER(7) 						 Miscellaneous Information Manual						   HIER(7)

hier - file system hierarchy DESCRIPTION
The following outline gives a quick tour through a representative directory hierarchy. / root /vmunix the kernel binary (UNIX itself) /lost+found directory for connecting detached files for fsck(8) /dev/ devices(4) MAKEDEV shell script to create special files MAKEDEV.local site specific part of MAKEDEV console main console, tty(4) tty* terminals, tty(4) hp* disks, hp(4) rhp* raw disks, hp(4) up* UNIBUS disks up(4) ... /bin/ utility programs, cf /usr/bin/ (1) as assembler cc C compiler executive, cf /lib/ccom, /lib/cpp, /lib/c2 csh C shell ... /lib/ object libraries and other stuff, cf /usr/lib/ libc.a system calls, standard I/O, etc. (2,3,3S) ... ccom C compiler proper cpp C preprocessor c2 C code improver ... /etc/ essential data and maintenance utilities; sect(8) dump dump program dump(8) passwd password file, passwd(5) group group file, group(5) motd message of the day, login(1) termcap description of terminal capabilities, termcap(5) ttytype table of what kind of terminal is on each port, ttytype(5) mtab mounted file table, mtab(5) dumpdates dump history, dump(8) fstab file system configuration table fstab(5) disktab disk characteristics and partition tables, disktab(5) hosts host name to network address mapping file, hosts(5) networks network name to network number mapping file, networks(5) protocols protocol name to protocol number mapping file, protocols(5) services network services definition file, services(5) remote names and description of remote hosts for tip(1C), remote(5) phones private phone numbers for remote hosts, as described in phones(5) ttys properties of terminals, ttys(5) getty part of login, getty(8) init the parent of all processes, init(8) rc shell program to bring the system up rc.local site dependent portion of rc cron the clock daemon, cron(8) mount mount(8) ... /sys/ system source h/ header (include) files acct.h acct(5) stat.h stat(2) ... sys/ machine independent system source init_main.c uipc_socket.c ufs_syscalls.c ... conf/ site configuration files GENERIC ... net/ general network source netinet/ DARPA Internet network source netimp/ network code related to use of an IMP if_imp.c if_imphost.c if_imphost.h ... vax/ source specific to the VAX locore.s machdep.c ... vaxuba/ device drivers for hardware which resides on the UNIBUS uba.c dh.c up.c ... vaxmba/ device drivers for hardware which resides on the MASBUS mba.c hp.c ht.c ... vaxif network interface drivers for the VAX if_en.c if_ec.c if_vv.c ... /tmp/ temporary files, usually on a fast device, cf /usr/tmp/ e* used by ed(1) ctm* used by cc(1) ... /usr/ general-pupose directory, usually a mounted file system adm/ administrative information wtmp login history, utmp(5) messages hardware error messages tracct phototypesetter accounting, troff(1) lpacct line printer accounting lpr(1) vaacct, vpacct varian and versatec accounting vpr(1), vtroff(1), pac(8) /usr /bin utility programs, to keep /bin/ small tmp/ temporaries, to keep /tmp/ small stm* used by sort(1) raster used by plot(1G) dict/ word lists, etc. words principal word list, used by look(1) spellhist history file for spell(1) games/ hangman lib/ library of stuff for the games quiz.k/ what quiz(6) knows index category index africa countries and capitals ... ... ... include/ standard #include files a.out.h object file layout, a.out(5) stdio.h standard I/O, intro(3S) math.h(3M) ... sys/ system-defined layouts, cf /sys/h net/ symbolic link to sys/net machine/ symbolic link to sys/machine ... lib/ object libraries and stuff, to keep /lib/ small atrun scheduler for at(1) lint/ utility files for lint lint[12] subprocesses for lint(1) llib-lc dummy declarations for /lib/libc.a, used by lint(1) llib-lm dummy declarations for /lib/libc.m ... struct/ passes of struct(1) ... tmac/ macros for troff(1) macros for man(7) tmac.s macros for ms(7) ... font/ fonts for troff(1) ftR Times Roman ftB Times Bold ... uucp/ programs and data for uucp(1C) L.sys remote system names and numbers uucico the real copy program ... units conversion tables for units(1) eign list of English words to be ignored by ptx(1) /usr/ man/ volume 1 of this manual, man(1) man0/ general intro introduction to volume 1, ms(7) format xx template for manual page man1/ chapter 1 as.1 mount.1m ... ... cat1/ preformatted pages for section 1 ... msgs/ messages, cf msgs(1) bounds highest and lowest message new/ binaries of new versions of programs preserve/ editor temporaries preserved here after crashes/hangups public/ binaries of user programs - write permission to everyone spool/ delayed execution files at/ used by at(1) lpd/ used by lpr(1) lock present when line printer is active cf* copy of file to be printed, if necessary df* daemon control file, lpd(8) tf* transient control file, while lpr is working uucp/ work files and staging area for uucp(1C) LOGFILE summary log LOG.* log file for one transaction mail/ mailboxes for mail(1) name mail file for user name name.lock lock file while name is receiving mail secretmail/ like mail/ uucp/ work files and staging area for uucp(1C) LOGFILE summary log LOG.* log file for one transaction mqueue/ mail queue for sendmail(8) wd initial working directory of a user, typically wd is the user's login name .profile set environment for sh(1), environ(7) .project what you are doing (used by ( finger(1) ) .cshrc startup file for csh(1) .exrc startup file for ex(1) .plan what your short-term plans are (used by finger(1) ) .netrc startup file for various network programs .msgsrc startup file for msgs(1) .mailrc startup file for mail(1) calendar user's datebook for calendar(1) doc/ papers, mostly in volume 2 of this manual, typically in ms(7) format as/ assembler manual c C manual ... /usr/ src/ source programs for utilities, etc. bin/ source of commands in /bin as/ assembler ar.c source for ar(1) ... usr.bin/ source for commands in /usr/bin troff/ source for nroff and troff(1) font/ source for font tables, /usr/lib/font/ ftR.c Roman ... term/ terminal characteristics tables, /usr/lib/term/ tab300.c DASI 300 ... ... ucb source for programs in /usr/ucb games/ source for /usr/games lib/ source for programs and archives in /lib libc/ C runtime library csu/ startup and wrapup routines needed with every C program crt0.s regular startup mcrt0.s modified startup for cc -p sys/ system calls(2) access.s brk.s ... stdio/ standard I/O functions(3S) fgets.c fopen.c ... gen/ other functions in(3) abs.c ... net/ network functions in(3N) gethostbyname.c ... local/ source which isn't normally distributed new/ source for new versions of commands and library routines old/ source for old versions of commands and library routines ucb/ binaries of programs developed at UCB ... edit editor for beginners ex command editor for experienced users ... mail mail reading/sending subsystem man on line documentation ... pi Pascal translator px Pascal interpreter ... vi visual editor SEE ALSO
ls(1), apropos(1), whatis(1), whereis(1), finger(1), which(1), ncheck(8), find(1), grep(1) BUGS
The position of files is subject to change without notice. 4th Berkeley Distribution May 20, 1985 HIER(7)
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