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CALENDAR(1)									      CALENDAR(1)

       calendar - reminder service

       calendar [ - ]

       Calendar  consults  the file `calendar' in the current directory and prints out lines that
       contain today's or tomorrow's date anywhere in the line.  Most reasonable month-day  dates
       such  as  `Dec.	7,'  `december	7,' `12/7,' etc., are recognized, but not `7 December' or
       `7/12'.	If you give the month as ``*'' with a date, i.e. ``* 1'', that day in  any  month
       will do.  On weekends `tomorrow' extends through Monday.

       When  an  argument is present, calendar does its job for every user who has a file `calen-
       dar' in his login directory and sends him any positive results by mail(1).  Normally  this
       is done daily in the wee hours under control of cron(8).

       The  file `calendar' is first run through the ``C'' preprocessor, /lib/cpp, to include any
       other calendar files specified with the usual  ``#include''  syntax.   Included	calendars
       will  usually  be  shared by all users, maintained and documented by the local administra-

       /usr/libexec/calendar to figure out today's and tomorrow's dates
       /lib/cpp, egrep, sed, mail as subprocesses

       at(1), cron(8), mail(1)

       Calendar's extended idea of `tomorrow' doesn't account for holidays.

7th Edition				 October 21, 1996			      CALENDAR(1)
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