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NCHECK(8)										NCHECK(8)

       ncheck  -  generate names from i-numbers

       ncheck [ -i numbers ]  [ -a ] [ -s ]  [ filesystem ]

       Ncheck  with  no  argument generates a pathname vs. i-number list of all files on a set of
       default file systems.  Names of directory files are  followed  by  `/.'.   The  -i  option
       reduces	the  report  to  only  those  files whose i-numbers follow.  The -a option allows
       printing of the names `.'  and `..', which  are	ordinarily  suppressed.   The  -s  option
       reduces	the  report  to  special files and files with set-user-ID mode; it is intended to
       discover concealed violations of security policy.

       A file system may be specified.

       The report is in no useful order, and probably should be sorted.

       sort(1), dcheck(8), fsck(8), icheck(8)

       When the file system structure is improper, `??' denotes the `parent' of a parentless file
       and a pathname beginning with `...' denotes a loop.

3rd Berkeley Distribution								NCHECK(8)
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