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CRON(8) 										  CRON(8)

       cron - clock daemon


       Cron  executes  commands at specified dates and times according to the instructions in the
       files /etc/crontab and /etc/crontab.local.  None, either one, or both of these  files  may
       be  present.   Since cron never exits, it should only be executed once.	This is best done
       by running cron from the initialization process through the file /etc/rc; see init(8).

       The crontab files consist of lines of seven fields each.  The fields are separated by spa-
       ces or tabs.  The first five are integer patterns to specify:

       o minute (0-59)

       o hour (0-23)

       o day of the month (1-31)

       o month of the year (1-12)

       o day of the week (1-7 with 1 = Monday)

       Each of these patterns may contain:

       o a number in the range above

       o two numbers separated by a minus meaning a range inclusive

       o a list of numbers separated by commas meaning any of the numbers

       o an asterisk meaning all legal values

       The  sixth  field is a user name: the command will be run with that user's uid and permis-
       sions.  The seventh field consists of all the text on a line following  the  sixth  field,
       including  spaces  and  tabs;  this  text is treated as a command which is executed by the
       Shell at the specified times.  A percent character (``%'') in this field is translated  to
       a new-line character.

       Both crontab files are checked by cron every minute, on the minute.


7th Edition				 October 23, 1996				  CRON(8)
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