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ENVIRON(7)									       ENVIRON(7)

       environ - user environment

       extern char **environ;

       An array of strings called the `environment' is made available by execve(2) when a process
       begins.	By convention these strings have the form `name=value'.  The following names  are
       used by various commands:

       PATH    The  sequence of directory prefixes that sh, time, nice(1), etc., apply in search-
	       ing for a file known by an incomplete path name.  The prefixes  are  separated  by
	       `:'.  Login(1) sets PATH=:/usr/ucb:/bin:/usr/bin.

       HOME    A user's login directory, set by login(1) from the password file passwd(5).

       TERM    The kind of terminal for which output is to be prepared.  This information is used
	       by commands, such as nroff or plot(1G), which may exploit special  terminal  capa-
	       bilities.  See /etc/termcap (termcap(5)) for a list of terminal types.

       SHELL   The file name of the users login shell.

       TERMCAP The  string  describing the terminal in TERM, or the name of the termcap file, see

       EXINIT  A startup list of commands read by ex(1), edit(1), and vi(1).

       USER    The login name of the user.

       PRINTER The name of the default printer to be used by lpr(1), lpq(1), and lprm(1).

       Further names may be placed in the environment by  the  export  command	and  `name=value'
       arguments  in  sh(1),  or  by the setenv command if you use csh(1).  Arguments may also be
       placed in the environment at the point of an execve(2).	It is  unwise  to  conflict  with
       certain	sh(1) variables that are frequently exported by `.profile' files: MAIL, PS1, PS2,

       csh(1), ex(1), login(1), sh(1), execve(2), system(3), termcap(3X), termcap(5)

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		   May 20, 1985 			       ENVIRON(7)

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