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APROPOS(1)									       APROPOS(1)

       apropos - locate commands by keyword lookup

       apropos keyword ...

       Apropos	shows  which  manual  sections	contain instances of any of the given keywords in
       their title.  Each word is considered separately and case of letters  is  ignored.   Words
       which are part of other words are considered; thus, when looking for compile, apropos will
       find all instances of `compiler' also.  Try

	      apropos password


	      apropos editor

       If the line starts `name(section) ...' you can do `man section name' to get the documenta-
       tion  for it.  Try `apropos format' and then `man 3s printf' to get the manual on the sub-
       routine printf.

       Apropos is actually just the -k option to the man(1) command.

       /usr/man/whatis		data base

       man(1), whatis(1), catman(8)

       William Joy

7th Edition				   June 5, 1986 			       APROPOS(1)
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