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GROUP(5) 										   GROUP(5) 

       group - group file

       Group contains for each group the following information:

       group name
       encrypted password
       numerical group ID
       a comma separated list of all users allowed in the group

       This  is  an ASCII file.  The fields are separated by colons; Each group is separated from
       the next by a new-line.	If the password field is null, no password is demanded.

       This file resides in directory /etc.  Because of the encrypted passwords, it can and  does
       have  general read permission and can be used, for example, to map numerical group ID's to


         setgroups(2) ,   initgroups(3X) ,   crypt(3) ,   passwd(1) ,   passwd(5) 

       The   passwd(1)  command won't change the passwords.

7th Edition				   May 15, 1985 				   GROUP(5)
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