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GROUP(5)										 GROUP(5)

       group - group file

       Group contains for each group the following information:

       group name
       encrypted password
       numerical group ID
       a comma separated list of all users allowed in the group

       This  is  an ASCII file.  The fields are separated by colons; Each group is separated from
       the next by a new-line.	If the password field is null, no password is demanded.

       This file resides in directory /etc.  Because of the encrypted passwords, it can and  does
       have  general read permission and can be used, for example, to map numerical group ID's to


       setgroups(2), initgroups(3X), crypt(3), passwd(1), passwd(5)

       The passwd(1) command won't change the passwords.

7th Edition				   May 15, 1985 				 GROUP(5)
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