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MAN(1)											   MAN(1)

       man - print out the manual

       man [ - ] [ -a ] [ -M path ] [ section ] title ...

       Man  is the program which provides on-line access to the UNIX manual.  If a section speci-
       fier is given, man looks in that section of the manual for the given title(s).  Section is
       either  an  Arabic  section  number  (``3''  for  example), or one of the words ``local'',
       ``new,'' or ``old''.  (The abbreviations ``l'', ``n'', and ``o'' are  also  allowed.)   If
       section is omitted, man searches all sections of the manual, giving preference to commands
       over library subroutines, and displays the first manual page it finds, if any.  If the  -a
       option is supplied, man displays all applicable manual pages.

       Normally  man checks in standard locations (/usr/man and /usr/local/man) for manual infor-
       mation.	This can be changed by supplying a search path (a la the Bourne shell)	with  the
       -M  flag.   The	search path is a colon (``:'') separated list of directories in which man
       expects to find the standard manual subdirectories.  This search path can also be set with
       the environmental variable MANPATH.

       Since  some  manual pages are intended for use only on certain machines, man only searches
       those directories applicable to the current machine.  Man's determination of  the  current
       machine type can be overridden by setting the environmental variable MACHINE.

       If the standard output is a teletype, and the - flag is not provided, man uses more(1), or
       the pager provided by the environmental variable PAGER, to display the manual page.

       The FORTRAN version of section 3 of the manual may be specified by supplying man with  the
       section	``3f''.  Also, a specific section of the local manual may be specified by append-
       ing a number to the section, i.e. ``l5'' would indicate section 5 of the local manual.

       /usr/man 	       standard manual area
       /usr/man/cat?/*	       directories containing standard manual pages
       /usr/local/man/cat?/*   directories containing local manual pages
       /usr/src/man	       directories containing unformatted manual pages

       apropos(1), more(1), whatis(1), whereis(1)

       The manual is supposed to be reproducible either on the	phototypesetter  or  on  a  type-
       writer, however, on a typewriter, some information is necessarily lost.

4th Berkeley Distribution		  April 19, 1988				   MAN(1)
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