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Intro(9F)						   Kernel Functions for Drivers 						 Intro(9F)

Intro, intro - introduction to DDI/DKI functions DESCRIPTION
Section 9F describes the kernel functions available for use by device drivers. See Intro(9E) for an overview of device driver interfaces. In this section, the information for each driver function is organized under the following headings: o NAME summarizes the function's purpose. o SYNOPSIS shows the syntax of the function's entry point in the source code. #include directives are shown for required headers. o INTERFACE LEVEL describes any architecture dependencies. o ARGUMENTS describes any arguments required to invoke the function. o DESCRIPTION describes general information about the function. o RETURN VALUES describes the return values and messages that can result from invoking the function. o CONTEXT indicates from which driver context (user, kernel, interrupt, or high-level interrupt) the function can be called. o A driver function has user context if it was directly invoked because of a user thread. The read(9E) entry point of the driver, invoked by a read(2) system call, has user context. o A driver function has kernel context if was invoked by some other part of the kernel. In a block device driver, the strategy(9E) entry point may be called by the page daemon to write pages to the device. The page daemon has no relation to the current user thread, so in this case strategy(9E) has kernel context. o Interrupt context is kernel context, but also has an interrupt level associated with it. Driver interrupt routines have interrupt con- text. Note - A mutex acquired in user or kernel context that can also be acquired in interrupt context means that the user or kernel con- text thread holding that mutex is subject to all the restrictions imposed by interrupt context, for the duration of the owner- ship of that mutex. Please see the mutex(9F) man page for a more complete discussion of proper mutex handling for drivers. o High-level interrupt context is a more restricted form of interrupt context. If ddi_intr_hilevel(9F) indicates that an interrupt is high-level, driver interrupt routines added for that interrupt with ddi_add_intr(9F) run in high-level interrupt context. These inter- rupt routines are only allowed to call ddi_trigger_softintr(9F) mutex_enter(9F) and mutex_exit(9F). Furthermore, mutex_enter(9F) and mutex_exit(9F) may only be called on mutexes initialized with the ddi_iblock_cookie returned by ddi_get_iblock_cookie(9F). o SEE ALSO indicates functions that are related by usage and sources, and which can be referred to for further information. o EXAMPLES shows how the function can be used in driver code. Every driver MUST include <sys/ddi.h> and <sys/sunddi.h>, in that order, and as the last files the driver includes. STREAMS Kernel Function Summary The following table summarizes the STREAMS functions described in this section. Routine Type adjmsg DDI/DKI allocb DDI/DKI backq DDI/DKI bcanput DDI/DKI bcanputnext DDI/DKI bufcall DDI/DKI canput DDI/DKI canputnext DDI/DKI clrbuf DDI/DKI copyb DDI/DKI copymsg DDI/DKI datamsg DDI/DKI dupb DDI/DKI dupmsg DDI/DKI enableok DDI/DKI esballoc DDI/DKI esbbcall DDI/DKI flushband DDI/DKI flushq DDI/DKI freeb DDI/DKI freemsg DDI/DKI freezestr DDI/DKI getq DDI/DKI insq DDI/DKI linkb DDI/DKI msgdsize DDI/DKI msgpullup DDI/DKI mt-streams Solaris DDI noenable DDI/DKI OTHERQ DDI/DKI pullupmsg DDI/DKI put DDI/DKI putbq DDI/DKI putctl DDI/DKI putctl1 DDI/DKI putnext DDI/DKI putnextctl DDI/DKI putq DDI/DKI qbufcall Solaris DDI qenable DDI/DKI qprocson DDI/DKI qprocsoff DDI/DKI qreply DDI/DKI qsize DDI/DKI qtimeout Solaris DDI qunbufcall Solaris DDI quntimeout Solaris DDI qwait Solaris DDI qwait_sig Solaris DDI qwriter Solaris DDI RD DDI/DKI rmvb DDI/DKI rmvq DDI/DKI SAMESTR DDI/DKI strlog DDI/DKI strqget DDI/DKI strqset DDI/DKI testb DDI/DKI unbufcall DDI/DKI unfreezestr DDI/DKI unlinkb DDI/DKI WR DDI/DKI The following table summarizes the functions not specific to STREAMS. Routine Type ASSERT DDI/DKI anocancel Solaris DDI aphysio Solaris DDI bcmp DDI/DKI bcopy DDI/DKI biodone DDI/DKI bioclone Solaris DDI biofini Solaris DDI bioinit Solaris DDI biomodified Solaris DDI biosize Solaris DDI bioerror Solaris DDI bioreset Solaris DDI biowait DDI/DKI bp_mapin DDI/DKI bp_mapout DDI/DKI btop DDI/DKI btopr DDI/DKI bzero DDI/DKI cmn_err DDI/DKI copyin DDI/DKI copyout DDI/DKI cv_broadcast Solaris DDI cv_destroy Solaris DDI cv_init Solaris DDI cv_signal Solaris DDI cv_timedwait Solaris DDI cv_wait Solaris DDI cv_wait_sig Solaris DDI ddi_add_intr Solaris DDI ddi_add_softintr Solaris DDI ddi_btop Solaris DDI ddi_btopr Solaris DDI ddi_copyin Solaris DDI ddi_copyout Solaris DDI ddi_create_minor_node Solaris DDI ddi_dev_is_sid Solaris DDI ddi_dev_nintrs Solaris DDI ddi_dev_nregs Solaris DDI ddi_dev_regsize Solaris DDI ddi_device_copy Solaris DDI ddi_device_zero Solaris DDI ddi_devmap_segmap Solaris DDI ddi_dma_addr_bind_handle Solaris DDI ddi_dma_addr_setup Solaris DDI ddi_dma_alloc_handle Solaris DDI ddi_dma_buf_bind_handle Solaris DDI ddi_dma_buf_setup Solaris DDI ddi_dma_burstsizes Solaris DDI ddi_dma_coff Solaris SPARC DDI ddi_dma_curwin Solaris SPARC DDI ddi_dma_devalign Solaris DDI ddi_dma_free Solaris DDI ddi_dma_free_handle Solaris DDI ddi_dma_getwin Solaris DDI ddi_dma_htoc Solaris SPARC DDI ddi_dma_mem_alloc Solaris DDI ddi_dma_mem_free Solaris DDI ddi_dma_movwin Solaris SPARC DDI ddi_dma_nextcookie Solaris DDI ddi_dma_nextseg Solaris DDI ddi_dma_nextwin Solaris DDI ddi_dma_numwin Solaris DDI ddi_dma_segtocookie Solaris DDI ddi_dma_set_sbus64 Solaris DDI ddi_dma_setup Solaris DDI ddi_dma_sync Solaris DDI ddi_dma_unbind_handle Solaris DDI ddi_dmae Solaris x86 DDI ddi_dmae_1stparty Solaris x86 DDI ddi_dmae_alloc Solaris x86 DDI ddi_dmae_disable Solaris x86 DDI ddi_dmae_enable Solaris x86 DDI ddi_dmae_getattr Solaris x86 DDI ddi_dmae_getcnt Solaris x86 DDI ddi_dmae_getlim Solaris x86 DDI ddi_dmae_prog Solaris x86 DDI ddi_dmae_release Solaris x86 DDI ddi_dmae_stop Solaris x86 DDI ddi_enter_critical Solaris DDI ddi_exit_critical Solaris DDI ddi_ffs Solaris DDI ddi_fls Solaris DDI ddi_get16 Solaris DDI ddi_get32 Solaris DDI ddi_get64 Solaris DDI ddi_get8 Solaris DDI ddi_get_cred Solaris DDI ddi_get_driver_private Solaris DDI ddi_get_iblock_cookie Solaris DDI ddi_get_instance Solaris DDI ddi_get_name Solaris DDI ddi_get_parent Solaris DDI ddi_get_soft_iblock_cookie Solaris DDI ddi_get_soft_state Solaris DDI ddi_getb Solaris DDI ddi_getl Solaris DDI ddi_getll Solaris DDI ddi_getlongprop Solaris DDI ddi_getlongprop_buf Solaris DDI ddi_getprop Solaris DDI ddi_getproplen Solaris DDI ddi_getw Solaris DDI ddi_intr_hilevel Solaris DDI ddi_io_get16 Solaris DDI ddi_io_get32 Solaris DDI ddi_io_get8 Solaris DDI ddi_io_getb Solaris DDI ddi_io_getl Solaris DDI ddi_io_getw Solaris DDI ddi_io_put16 Solaris DDI ddi_io_put32 Solaris DDI ddi_io_put8 Solaris DDI ddi_io_putb Solaris DDI ddi_io_putl Solaris DDI ddi_io_putw Solaris DDI ddi_io_rep_get16 Solaris DDI ddi_io_rep_get32 Solaris DDI ddi_io_rep_get8 Solaris DDI ddi_io_rep_getb Solaris DDI ddi_io_rep_getl Solaris DDI ddi_io_rep_getw Solaris DDI ddi_io_rep_put16 Solaris DDI ddi_io_rep_put32 Solaris DDI ddi_io_rep_put8 Solaris DDI ddi_io_rep_putb Solaris DDI ddi_io_rep_putl Solaris DDI ddi_io_rep_putw Solaris DDI ddi_iomin Solaris DDI ddi_iopb_alloc Solaris DDI ddi_iopb_free Solaris DDI ddi_map_regs Solaris DDI ddi_mapdev Solaris DDI ddi_mapdev_intercept Solaris DDI ddi_mapdev_nointercept Solaris DDI ddi_mapdev_set_device_acc_attr Solaris DDI ddi_mem_alloc Solaris DDI ddi_mem_free Solaris DDI ddi_mem_get16 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_get32 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_get64 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_get8 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_getb Solaris DDI ddi_mem_getl Solaris DDI ddi_mem_getll Solaris DDI ddi_mem_getw Solaris DDI ddi_mem_put16 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_put32 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_put64 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_put8 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_putb Solaris DDI ddi_mem_putl Solaris DDI ddi_mem_putll Solaris DDI ddi_mem_putw Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_get16 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_get32 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_get64 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_get8 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_getb Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_getl Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_getll Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_getw Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_put16 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_put32 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_put64 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_put8 Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_putb Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_putl Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_putll Solaris DDI ddi_mem_rep_putw Solaris DDI ddi_mmap_get_model Solaris DDI ddi_model_convert_from Solaris DDI ddi_node_name Solaris DDI ddi_peek16 Solaris DDI ddi_peek32 Solaris DDI ddi_peek64 Solaris DDI ddi_peek8 Solaris DDI ddi_peekc Solaris DDI ddi_peekd Solaris DDI ddi_peekl Solaris DDI ddi_peeks Solaris DDI ddi_poke16 Solaris DDI ddi_poke32 Solaris DDI ddi_poke64 Solaris DDI ddi_poke8 Solaris DDI ddi_pokec Solaris DDI ddi_poked Solaris DDI ddi_pokel Solaris DDI ddi_pokes Solaris DDI ddi_prop_create Solaris DDI ddi_prop_exists Solaris DDI ddi_prop_free Solaris DDI ddi_prop_get_int Solaris DDI ddi_prop_lookup Solaris DDI ddi_prop_lookup_byte_array Solaris DDI ddi_prop_lookup_int_array Solaris DDI ddi_prop_lookup_string Solaris DDI ddi_prop_lookup_string_array Solaris DDI ddi_prop_modify Solaris DDI ddi_prop_op Solaris DDI ddi_prop_remove Solaris DDI ddi_prop_remove_all Solaris DDI ddi_prop_undefine Solaris DDI ddi_prop_update Solaris DDI ddi_prop_update_byte_array Solaris DDI ddi_prop_update_int Solaris DDI ddi_prop_update_int_array Solaris DDI ddi_prop_update_string Solaris DDI ddi_prop_update_string_array Solaris DDI ddi_ptob Solaris DDI ddi_put16 Solaris DDI ddi_put32 Solaris DDI ddi_put64 Solaris DDI ddi_put8 Solaris DDI ddi_putb Solaris DDI ddi_putl Solaris DDI ddi_putll Solaris DDI ddi_putw Solaris DDI ddi_regs_map_free Solaris DDI ddi_regs_map_setup Solaris DDI ddi_remove_intr Solaris DDI ddi_remove_minor_node Solaris DDI ddi_remove_softintr Solaris DDI ddi_rep_get16 Solaris DDI ddi_rep_get32 Solaris DDI ddi_rep_get64 Solaris DDI ddi_rep_get8 Solaris DDI ddi_rep_getb Solaris DDI ddi_rep_getl Solaris DDI ddi_rep_getll Solaris DDI ddi_rep_getw Solaris DDI ddi_rep_put16 Solaris DDI ddi_rep_put32 Solaris DDI ddi_rep_put64 Solaris DDI ddi_rep_put8 Solaris DDI ddi_rep_putb Solaris DDI ddi_rep_putl Solaris DDI ddi_rep_putll Solaris DDI ddi_rep_putw Solaris DDI ddi_report_dev Solaris DDI ddi_root_node Solaris DDI ddi_segmap Solaris DDI ddi_segmap_setup Solaris DDI ddi_set_driver_private Solaris DDI ddi_slaveonly Solaris DDI ddi_soft_state Solaris DDI ddi_soft_state_fini Solaris DDI ddi_soft_state_free Solaris DDI ddi_soft_state_init Solaris DDI ddi_soft_state_zalloc Solaris DDI ddi_trigger_softintr Solaris DDI ddi_umem_alloc Solaris DDI ddi_umem_free Solaris DDI ddi_unmap_regs Solaris DDI delay DDI/DKI devmap_default_access Solaris DDI devmap_devmem_setup Solaris DDI devmap_do_ctxmgt Solaris DDI devmap_load Solaris DDI devmap_set_ctx_timeout Solaris DDI devmap_setup Solaris DDI devmap_umem_setup Solaris DDI devmap_unload Solaris DDI disksort Solaris DDI drv_getparm DDI/DKI drv_hztousec DDI/DKI drv_priv DDI/DKI drv_usectohz DDI/DKI drv_usecwait DDI/DKI free_pktiopb Solaris DDI freerbuf DDI/DKI get_pktiopb Solaris DDI geterror DDI/DKI getmajor DDI/DKI getminor DDI/DKI getrbuf DDI/DKI hat_getkpfnum DKI only inb Solaris x86 DDI inl Solaris x86 DDI inw Solaris x86 DDI kmem_alloc DDI/DKI kmem_free DDI/DKI kmem_zalloc DDI/DKI kstat_create Solaris DDI kstat_delete Solaris DDI kstat_install Solaris DDI kstat_named_init Solaris DDI kstat_queue Solaris DDI kstat_runq_back_to_waitq Solaris DDI kstat_runq_enter Solaris DDI kstat_runq_exit Solaris DDI kstat_waitq_enter Solaris DDI kstat_waitq_exit Solaris DDI kstat_waitq_to_runq Solaris DDI makecom_g0 Solaris DDI makecom_g0_s Solaris DDI makecom_g1 Solaris DDI makecom_g5 Solaris DDI makedevice DDI/DKI max DDI/DKI min DDI/DKI minphys Solaris DDI mod_info Solaris DDI mod_install Solaris DDI mod_remove Solaris DDI mutex_destroy Solaris DDI mutex_enter Solaris DDI mutex_exit Solaris DDI mutex_init Solaris DDI mutex_owned Solaris DDI mutex_tryenter Solaris DDI nochpoll Solaris DDI nodev DDI/DKI nulldev DDI/DKI numtos Solaris DDI outb Solaris x86 DDI outl Solaris x86 DDI outw Solaris x86 DDI pci_config_get16 Solaris DDI pci_config_get32 Solaris DDI pci_config_get64 Solaris DDI pci_config_get8 Solaris DDI pci_config_getb Solaris DDI pci_config_getl Solaris DDI pci_config_getw Solaris DDI pci_config_put16 Solaris DDI pci_config_put32 Solaris DDI pci_config_put64 Solaris DDI pci_config_put8 Solaris DDI pci_config_putb Solaris DDI pci_config_putl Solaris DDI pci_config_putw Solaris DDI pci_config_setup Solaris DDI pci_config_teardown Solaris DDI physio Solaris DDI pollwakeup DDI/DKI proc_ref Solaris DDI proc_signal Solaris DDI proc_unref Solaris DDI ptob DDI/DKI repinsb Solaris x86 DDI repinsd Solaris x86 DDI repinsw Solaris x86 DDI repoutsb Solaris x86 DDI repoutsd Solaris x86 DDI repoutsw Solaris x86 DDI rmalloc DDI/DKI rmalloc_wait DDI/DKI rmallocmap DDI/DKI rmallocmap_wait DDI/DKI rmfree DDI/DKI rmfreemap DDI/DKI rw_destroy Solaris DDI rw_downgrade Solaris DDI rw_enter Solaris DDI rw_exit Solaris DDI rw_init Solaris DDI rw_read_locked Solaris DDI rw_tryenter Solaris DDI rw_tryupgrade Solaris DDI scsi_abort Solaris DDI scsi_alloc_consistent_buf Solaris DDI scsi_cname Solaris DDI scsi_destroy_pkt Solaris DDI scsi_dmafree Solaris DDI scsi_dmaget Solaris DDI scsi_dname Solaris DDI scsi_errmsg Solaris DDI scsi_free_consistent_buf Solaris DDI scsi_hba_attach Solaris DDI scsi_hba_attach_setup Solaris DDI scsi_hba_detach Solaris DDI scsi_hba_fini Solaris DDI scsi_hba_init Solaris DDI scsi_hba_lookup_capstr Solaris DDI scsi_hba_pkt_alloc Solaris DDI scsi_hba_pkt_free Solaris DDI scsi_hba_probe Solaris DDI scsi_hba_tran_alloc Solaris DDI scsi_hba_tran_free Solaris DDI scsi_ifgetcap Solaris DDI scsi_ifsetcap Solaris DDI scsi_init_pkt Solaris DDI scsi_log Solaris DDI scsi_mname Solaris DDI scsi_pktalloc Solaris DDI scsi_pktfree Solaris DDI scsi_poll Solaris DDI scsi_probe Solaris DDI scsi_resalloc Solaris DDI scsi_reset Solaris DDI scsi_reset_notify Solaris DDI scsi_resfree Solaris DDI scsi_rname Solaris DDI scsi_slave Solaris DDI scsi_sname Solaris DDI scsi_sync_pkt Solaris DDI scsi_transport Solaris DDI scsi_unprobe Solaris DDI scsi_unslave Solaris DDI sema_destroy Solaris DDI sema_init Solaris DDI sema_p Solaris DDI sema_p_sig Solaris DDI sema_tryp Solaris DDI sema_v Solaris DDI sprintf Solaris DDI stoi Solaris DDI strchr Solaris DDI strcmp Solaris DDI strcpy Solaris DDI strlen Solaris DDI strncmp Solaris DDI strncpy Solaris DDI swab DDI/DKI timeout DDI/DKI uiomove DDI/DKI untimeout DDI/DKI ureadc DDI/DKI uwritec DDI/DKI va_arg Solaris DDI va_end Solaris DDI va_start Solaris DDI vcmn_err DDI/DKI vsprintf Solaris DDI SEE ALSO
Intro(9E), mutex(9F) LIST OF FUNCTIONS
Name Description ASSERT(9F) expression verification DB_BASE(9F) Data block access macros DB_LIM(9F) See DB_BASE(9F) DB_REF(9F) See DB_BASE(9F) DB_TYPE(9F) See DB_BASE(9F) IOC_CONVERT_FROM(9F) determine if there is a need to translate M_IOCTL contents. MBLKHEAD(9F) Message block utility macros MBLKIN(9F) See MBLKHEAD(9F) MBLKL(9F) See MBLKHEAD(9F) MBLKSIZE(9F) See MBLKHEAD(9F) MBLKTAIL(9F) See MBLKHEAD(9F) OTHERQ(9F) get pointer to queue's partner queue RD(9F) get pointer to the read queue SAMESTR(9F) test if next queue is in the same stream SIZEOF_PTR(9F) See STRUCT_DECL(9F) SIZEOF_STRUCT(9F) See STRUCT_DECL(9F) STRUCT_BUF(9F) See STRUCT_DECL(9F) STRUCT_DECL(9F) 32[ndash ]bit application data access macros STRUCT_FADDR(9F) See STRUCT_DECL(9F) STRUCT_FGET(9F) See STRUCT_DECL(9F) STRUCT_FGETP(9F) See STRUCT_DECL(9F) STRUCT_FSET(9F) See STRUCT_DECL(9F) STRUCT_FSETP(9F) See STRUCT_DECL(9F) STRUCT_HANDLE(9F) See STRUCT_DECL(9F) STRUCT_INIT(9F) See STRUCT_DECL(9F) STRUCT_SET_HANDLE(9F) See STRUCT_DECL(9F) STRUCT_SIZE(9F) See STRUCT_DECL(9F) WR(9F) get pointer to the write queue for this module or driver adjmsg(9F) trim bytes from a message allocb(9F) allocate a message block allocb_tmpl(9F) allocate a message block using a template anocancel(9F) prevent cancellation of asynchronous I/O request aphysio(9F) perform asynchronous physical I/O assert(9F) See ASSERT(9F) backq(9F) get pointer to the queue behind the current queue bcanput(9F) test for flow control in specified priority band bcanputnext(9F) See canputnext(9F) bcmp(9F) compare two byte arrays bcopy(9F) copy data between address locations in the kernel bioclone(9F) clone another buffer biodone(9F) release buffer after buffer I/O transfer and notify blocked threads bioerror(9F) indicate error in buffer header biofini(9F) uninitialize a buffer structure bioinit(9F) initialize a buffer structure biomodified(9F) check if a buffer is modified bioreset(9F) reuse a private buffer header after I/O is complete biosize(9F) returns size of a buffer structure biowait(9F) suspend processes pending completion of block I/O bp_mapin(9F) allocate virtual address space bp_mapout(9F) deallocate virtual address space btop(9F) convert size in bytes to size in pages (round down) btopr(9F) convert size in bytes to size in pages (round up) bufcall(9F) call a function when a buffer becomes available bzero(9F) clear memory for a given number of bytes canput(9F) test for room in a message queue canputnext(9F) test for room in next module's message queue clrbuf(9F) erase the contents of a buffer cmn_err(9F) display an error message or panic the system condvar(9F) condition variable routines copyb(9F) copy a message block copyin(9F) copy data from a user program to a driver buffer copymsg(9F) copy a message copyout(9F) copy data from a driver to a user program crgetgid(9F) See ddi_cred(9F) crgetgroups(9F) See ddi_cred(9F) crgetngroups(9F) See ddi_cred(9F) crgetrgid(9F) See ddi_cred(9F) crgetruid(9F) See ddi_cred(9F) crgetsgid(9F) See ddi_cred(9F) crgetsuid(9F) See ddi_cred(9F) crgetuid(9F) See ddi_cred(9F) crgetzoneid(9F) See ddi_cred(9F) csx_AccessConfigurationRegister(9F) read or write a PC Card Configuration Register csx_CS_DDI_Info(9F) obtain DDI information csx_ConvertSize(9F) convert device sizes csx_ConvertSpeed(9F) convert device speeds csx_DeregisterClient(9F) remove client from Card Services list csx_DupHandle(9F) duplicate access handle csx_Error2Text(9F) convert error return codes to text strings csx_Event2Text(9F) convert events to text strings csx_FreeHandle(9F) free access handle csx_Get16(9F) See csx_Get8(9F) csx_Get32(9F) See csx_Get8(9F) csx_Get64(9F) See csx_Get8(9F) csx_Get8(9F) read data from device address csx_GetEventMask(9F) See csx_SetEventMask(9F) csx_GetFirstClient(9F) return first or next client csx_GetFirstTuple(9F) return Card Information Structure tuple csx_GetHandleOffset(9F) return current access handle offset csx_GetMappedAddr(9F) return mapped virtual address csx_GetNextClient(9F) See csx_GetFirstClient(9F) csx_GetNextTuple(9F) See csx_GetFirstTuple(9F) csx_GetStatus(9F) return the current status of a PC Card and its socket csx_GetTupleData(9F) return the data portion of a tuple csx_MakeDeviceNode(9F) create and remove minor nodes on behalf of the client csx_MapLogSocket(9F) return the physical socket number associated with the client handle csx_MapMemPage(9F) map the memory area on a PC Card csx_ModifyConfiguration(9F) modify socket and PC Card Configuration Register csx_ModifyWindow(9F) modify window attributes csx_ParseTuple(9F) generic tuple parser csx_Parse_CISTPL_BATTERY(9F) parse the Battery Replacement Date tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_BYTEORDER(9F) parse the Byte Order tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_CFTABLE_ENTRY(9F) parse 16-bit Card Configuration Table Entry tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_CONFIG(9F) parse Configuration tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_DATE(9F) parse the Card Initialization Date tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE(9F) parse Device Information tuples csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICEGEO(9F) parse the Device Geo tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICEGEO_A(9F) parse the Device Geo A tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE_A(9F) See csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE(9F) csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE_OA(9F) See csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE(9F) csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE_OC(9F) See csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE(9F) csx_Parse_CISTPL_FORMAT(9F) parse the Data Recording Format tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_FUNCE(9F) parse Function Extension tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_FUNCID(9F) parse Function Identification tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_GEOMETRY(9F) parse the Geometry tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_JEDEC_A(9F) See csx_Parse_CISTPL_JEDEC_C(9F) csx_Parse_CISTPL_JEDEC_C(9F) parse JEDEC Identifier tuples csx_Parse_CISTPL_LINKTARGET(9F) parse the Link Target tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_LONGLINK_A(9F) parse the Long Link A and C tuples csx_Parse_CISTPL_LONGLINK_C(9F) See csx_Parse_CISTPL_LONGLINK_A(9F) csx_Parse_CISTPL_LONGLINK_MFC(9F) parse the Multi-Function tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_MANFID(9F) parse Manufacturer Identification tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_ORG(9F) parse the Data Organization tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_SPCL(9F) parse the Special Purpose tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_SWIL(9F) parse the Software Interleaving tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_VERS_1(9F) parse Level-1 Version/Product Information tuple csx_Parse_CISTPL_VERS_2(9F) parse Level-2 Version and Information tuple csx_Put16(9F) See csx_Put8(9F) csx_Put32(9F) See csx_Put8(9F) csx_Put64(9F) See csx_Put8(9F) csx_Put8(9F) write to device register csx_RegisterClient(9F) register a client csx_ReleaseConfiguration(9F) release PC Card and socket configuration csx_ReleaseIO(9F) See csx_RequestIO(9F) csx_ReleaseIRQ(9F) See csx_RequestIRQ(9F) csx_ReleaseSocketMask(9F) See csx_RequestSocketMask(9F) csx_ReleaseWindow(9F) See csx_RequestWindow(9F) csx_RemoveDeviceNode(9F) See csx_MakeDeviceNode(9F) csx_RepGet16(9F) See csx_RepGet8(9F) csx_RepGet32(9F) See csx_RepGet8(9F) csx_RepGet64(9F) See csx_RepGet8(9F) csx_RepGet8(9F) read repetitively from the device register csx_RepPut16(9F) See csx_RepPut8(9F) csx_RepPut32(9F) See csx_RepPut8(9F) csx_RepPut64(9F) See csx_RepPut8(9F) csx_RepPut8(9F) write repetitively to the device register csx_RequestConfiguration(9F) configure the PC Card and socket csx_RequestIO(9F) request or release I/O resources for the client csx_RequestIRQ(9F) request or release IRQ resource csx_RequestSocketMask(9F) set or clear the client's client event mask csx_RequestWindow(9F) request or release window resources csx_ResetFunction(9F) reset a function on a PC card csx_SetEventMask(9F) set or return the client event mask for the client csx_SetHandleOffset(9F) set current access handle offset csx_ValidateCIS(9F) validate the Card Information Structure (CIS) cv_broadcast(9F) See condvar(9F) cv_destroy(9F) See condvar(9F) cv_init(9F) See condvar(9F) cv_signal(9F) See condvar(9F) cv_timedwait(9F) See condvar(9F) cv_timedwait_sig(9F) See condvar(9F) cv_wait(9F) See condvar(9F) cv_wait_sig(9F) See condvar(9F) datamsg(9F) test whether a message is a data message ddi_add_event_handler(9F) add an NDI event service callback handler ddi_add_intr(9F) hardware interrupt handling routines ddi_add_softintr(9F) software interrupt handling routines ddi_binding_name(9F) return driver binding name ddi_btop(9F) page size conversions ddi_btopr(9F) See ddi_btop(9F) ddi_can_receive_sig(9F) Test for ability to receive signals ddi_check_acc_handle(9F) Check data access and DMA handles ddi_check_dma_handle(9F) See ddi_check_acc_handle(9F) ddi_copyin(9F) copy data to a driver buffer ddi_copyout(9F) copy data from a driver ddi_create_minor_node(9F) Create a minor node for this device ddi_cred(9F) access and change parts of the cred_t structure ddi_dev_is_needed(9F) inform the system that a device's component is required ddi_dev_is_sid(9F) tell whether a device is self-identifying ddi_dev_nintrs(9F) return the number of interrupt specifications a device has ddi_dev_nregs(9F) return the number of register sets a device has ddi_dev_regsize(9F) return the size of a device's register ddi_dev_report_fault(9F) Report a hardware failure ddi_device_copy(9F) copy data from one device register to another device register ddi_device_zero(9F) zero fill the device ddi_devid_compare(9F) kernel interfaces for device ids ddi_devid_free(9F) See ddi_devid_compare(9F) ddi_devid_init(9F) See ddi_devid_compare(9F) ddi_devid_register(9F) See ddi_devid_compare(9F) ddi_devid_sizeof(9F) See ddi_devid_compare(9F) ddi_devid_str_decode(9F) See ddi_devid_compare(9F) ddi_devid_str_encode(9F) See ddi_devid_compare(9F) ddi_devid_str_free(9F) See ddi_devid_compare(9F) ddi_devid_unregister(9F) See ddi_devid_compare(9F) ddi_devid_valid(9F) See ddi_devid_compare(9F) ddi_devmap_segmap(9F) See devmap_setup(9F) ddi_dma_addr_bind_handle(9F) binds an address to a DMA handle ddi_dma_addr_setup(9F) easier DMA setup for use with virtual addresses ddi_dma_alloc_handle(9F) allocate DMA handle ddi_dma_buf_bind_handle(9F) binds a system buffer to a DMA handle ddi_dma_buf_setup(9F) easier DMA setup for use with buffer structures ddi_dma_burstsizes(9F) find out the allowed burst sizes for a DMA mapping ddi_dma_coff(9F) convert a DMA cookie to an offset within a DMA handle ddi_dma_curwin(9F) report current DMA window offset and size ddi_dma_devalign(9F) find DMA mapping alignment and minimum transfer size ddi_dma_free(9F) release system DMA resources ddi_dma_free_handle(9F) free DMA handle ddi_dma_get_attr(9F) get the device DMA attribute structure from a DMA handle ddi_dma_getwin(9F) activate a new DMA window ddi_dma_htoc(9F) convert a DMA handle to a DMA address cookie ddi_dma_mem_alloc(9F) allocate memory for DMA transfer ddi_dma_mem_free(9F) free previously allocated memory ddi_dma_movwin(9F) shift current DMA window ddi_dma_nextcookie(9F) retrieve subsequent DMA cookie ddi_dma_nextseg(9F) get next DMA segment ddi_dma_nextwin(9F) get next DMA window ddi_dma_numwin(9F) retrieve number of DMA windows ddi_dma_segtocookie(9F) convert a DMA segment to a DMA address cookie ddi_dma_set_sbus64(9F) allow 64[ndash ]bit transfers on SBus ddi_dma_setup(9F) setup DMA resources ddi_dma_sync(9F) synchronize CPU and I/O views of memory ddi_dma_unbind_handle(9F) unbinds the address in a DMA handle ddi_dmae(9F) system DMA engine functions ddi_dmae_1stparty(9F) See ddi_dmae(9F) ddi_dmae_alloc(9F) See ddi_dmae(9F) ddi_dmae_disable(9F) See ddi_dmae(9F) ddi_dmae_enable(9F) See ddi_dmae(9F) ddi_dmae_getattr(9F) See ddi_dmae(9F) ddi_dmae_getcnt(9F) See ddi_dmae(9F) ddi_dmae_getlim(9F) See ddi_dmae(9F) ddi_dmae_prog(9F) See ddi_dmae(9F) ddi_dmae_release(9F) See ddi_dmae(9F) ddi_dmae_stop(9F) See ddi_dmae(9F) ddi_driver_major(9F) return driver's major device number ddi_driver_name(9F) return normalized driver name ddi_enter_critical(9F) enter and exit a critical region of control ddi_exit_critical(9F) See ddi_enter_critical(9F) ddi_ffs(9F) find first (last) bit set in a long integer ddi_fls(9F) See ddi_ffs(9F) ddi_get16(9F) See ddi_get8(9F) ddi_get32(9F) See ddi_get8(9F) ddi_get64(9F) See ddi_get8(9F) ddi_get8(9F) read data from the mapped memory address, device register or allocated DMA memory address ddi_get_cred(9F) returns a pointer to the credential structure of the caller ddi_get_devstate(9F) Check device state ddi_get_driver_private(9F) get or set the address of the device's private data area ddi_get_eventcookie(9F) retrieve a NDI event service cookie handle ddi_get_iblock_cookie(9F) See ddi_add_intr(9F) ddi_get_instance(9F) get device instance number ddi_get_kt_did(9F) get identifier of current thread ddi_get_lbolt(9F) returns the value of lbolt ddi_get_name(9F) See ddi_binding_name(9F) ddi_get_parent(9F) find the parent of a device information structure ddi_get_pid(9F) returns the process ddi_get_soft_iblock_cookie(9F) See ddi_add_softintr(9F) ddi_get_soft_state(9F) See ddi_soft_state(9F) ddi_get_time(9F) returns the current time in seconds ddi_getb(9F) See ddi_get8(9F) ddi_getiminor(9F) get kernel internal minor number from an external dev_t ddi_getl(9F) See ddi_get8(9F) ddi_getll(9F) See ddi_get8(9F) ddi_getlongprop(9F) See ddi_prop_op(9F) ddi_getlongprop_buf(9F) See ddi_prop_op(9F) ddi_getprop(9F) See ddi_prop_op(9F) ddi_getproplen(9F) See ddi_prop_op(9F) ddi_getw(9F) See ddi_get8(9F) ddi_in_panic(9F) determine if system is in panic state ddi_intr_hilevel(9F) indicate interrupt handler type ddi_io_get16(9F) See ddi_io_get8(9F) ddi_io_get32(9F) See ddi_io_get8(9F) ddi_io_get8(9F) read data from the mapped device register in I/O space ddi_io_getb(9F) See ddi_io_get8(9F) ddi_io_getl(9F) See ddi_io_get8(9F) ddi_io_getw(9F) See ddi_io_get8(9F) ddi_io_put16(9F) See ddi_io_put8(9F) ddi_io_put32(9F) See ddi_io_put8(9F) ddi_io_put8(9F) write data to the mapped device register in I/O space ddi_io_putb(9F) See ddi_io_put8(9F) ddi_io_putl(9F) See ddi_io_put8(9F) ddi_io_putw(9F) See ddi_io_put8(9F) ddi_io_rep_get16(9F) See ddi_io_rep_get8(9F) ddi_io_rep_get32(9F) See ddi_io_rep_get8(9F) ddi_io_rep_get8(9F) read multiple data from the mapped device register in I/O space ddi_io_rep_getb(9F) See ddi_io_rep_get8(9F) ddi_io_rep_getl(9F) See ddi_io_rep_get8(9F) ddi_io_rep_getw(9F) See ddi_io_rep_get8(9F) ddi_io_rep_put16(9F) See ddi_io_rep_put8(9F) ddi_io_rep_put32(9F) See ddi_io_rep_put8(9F) ddi_io_rep_put8(9F) write multiple data to the mapped device register in I/O space ddi_io_rep_putb(9F) See ddi_io_rep_put8(9F) ddi_io_rep_putl(9F) See ddi_io_rep_put8(9F) ddi_io_rep_putw(9F) See ddi_io_rep_put8(9F) ddi_iomin(9F) find minimum alignment and transfer size for DMA ddi_iopb_alloc(9F) allocate and free non-sequentially accessed memory ddi_iopb_free(9F) See ddi_iopb_alloc(9F) ddi_log_sysevent(9F) log system event for drivers ddi_map_regs(9F) map or unmap registers ddi_mem_alloc(9F) allocate and free sequentially accessed memory ddi_mem_free(9F) See ddi_mem_alloc(9F) ddi_mem_get16(9F) See ddi_mem_get8(9F) ddi_mem_get32(9F) See ddi_mem_get8(9F) ddi_mem_get64(9F) See ddi_mem_get8(9F) ddi_mem_get8(9F) read data from mapped device in the memory space or allocated DMA memory ddi_mem_getb(9F) See ddi_mem_get8(9F) ddi_mem_getl(9F) See ddi_mem_get8(9F) ddi_mem_getll(9F) See ddi_mem_get8(9F) ddi_mem_getw(9F) See ddi_mem_get8(9F) ddi_mem_put16(9F) See ddi_mem_put8(9F) ddi_mem_put32(9F) See ddi_mem_put8(9F) ddi_mem_put64(9F) See ddi_mem_put8(9F) ddi_mem_put8(9F) write data to mapped device in the memory space or allocated DMA memory ddi_mem_putb(9F) See ddi_mem_put8(9F) ddi_mem_putl(9F) See ddi_mem_put8(9F) ddi_mem_putll(9F) See ddi_mem_put8(9F) ddi_mem_putw(9F) See ddi_mem_put8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_get16(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_get8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_get32(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_get8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_get64(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_get8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_get8(9F) read multiple data from mapped device in the memory space or allocated DMA memory ddi_mem_rep_getb(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_get8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_getl(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_get8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_getll(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_get8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_getw(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_get8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_put16(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_put8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_put32(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_put8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_put64(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_put8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_put8(9F) write multiple data to mapped device in the memory space or allocated DMA memory ddi_mem_rep_putb(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_put8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_putl(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_put8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_putll(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_put8(9F) ddi_mem_rep_putw(9F) See ddi_mem_rep_put8(9F) ddi_mmap_get_model(9F) return data model type of current thread ddi_model_convert_from(9F) determine data model type mismatch ddi_no_info(9F) stub for ddi_node_name(9F) return the devinfo node name ddi_peek(9F) read a value from a location ddi_peek16(9F) See ddi_peek(9F) ddi_peek32(9F) See ddi_peek(9F) ddi_peek64(9F) See ddi_peek(9F) ddi_peek8(9F) See ddi_peek(9F) ddi_peekc(9F) See ddi_peek(9F) ddi_peekd(9F) See ddi_peek(9F) ddi_peekl(9F) See ddi_peek(9F) ddi_peeks(9F) See ddi_peek(9F) ddi_poke(9F) write a value to a location ddi_poke16(9F) See ddi_poke(9F) ddi_poke32(9F) See ddi_poke(9F) ddi_poke64(9F) See ddi_poke(9F) ddi_poke8(9F) See ddi_poke(9F) ddi_pokec(9F) See ddi_poke(9F) ddi_poked(9F) See ddi_poke(9F) ddi_pokel(9F) See ddi_poke(9F) ddi_pokes(9F) See ddi_poke(9F) ddi_prop_create(9F) create, remove, or modify properties for leaf device drivers ddi_prop_exists(9F) check for the existence of a property ddi_prop_free(9F) See ddi_prop_lookup(9F) ddi_prop_get_int(9F) lookup integer property ddi_prop_get_int64(9F) See ddi_prop_get_int(9F) ddi_prop_lookup(9F) look up property information ddi_prop_lookup_byte_array(9F) See ddi_prop_lookup(9F) ddi_prop_lookup_int64_array(9F) See ddi_prop_lookup(9F) ddi_prop_lookup_int_array(9F) See ddi_prop_lookup(9F) ddi_prop_lookup_string(9F) See ddi_prop_lookup(9F) ddi_prop_lookup_string_array(9F) See ddi_prop_lookup(9F) ddi_prop_modify(9F) See ddi_prop_create(9F) ddi_prop_op(9F) get property information for leaf device drivers ddi_prop_remove(9F) See ddi_prop_create(9F) ddi_prop_remove_all(9F) See ddi_prop_create(9F) ddi_prop_undefine(9F) See ddi_prop_create(9F) ddi_prop_update(9F) update properties ddi_prop_update_byte_array(9F) See ddi_prop_update(9F) ddi_prop_update_int(9F) See ddi_prop_update(9F) ddi_prop_update_int64(9F) See ddi_prop_update(9F) ddi_prop_update_int64_array(9F) See ddi_prop_update(9F) ddi_prop_update_int_array(9F) See ddi_prop_update(9F) ddi_prop_update_string(9F) See ddi_prop_update(9F) ddi_prop_update_string_array(9F) See ddi_prop_update(9F) ddi_ptob(9F) See ddi_btop(9F) ddi_put16(9F) See ddi_put8(9F) ddi_put32(9F) See ddi_put8(9F) ddi_put64(9F) See ddi_put8(9F) ddi_put8(9F) write data to the mapped memory address, device register or allocated DMA memory address ddi_putb(9F) See ddi_put8(9F) ddi_putl(9F) See ddi_put8(9F) ddi_putll(9F) See ddi_put8(9F) ddi_putw(9F) See ddi_put8(9F) ddi_regs_map_free(9F) free a previously mapped register address spac ddi_regs_map_setup(9F) set up a mapping for a register address space ddi_remove_event_handler(9F) remove an NDI event service callback handler ddi_remove_intr(9F) See ddi_add_intr(9F) ddi_remove_minor_node(9F) remove a minor node for this dev_info ddi_remove_softintr(9F) See ddi_add_softintr(9F) ddi_removing_power(9F) check whether ddi_rep_get16(9F) See ddi_rep_get8(9F) ddi_rep_get32(9F) See ddi_rep_get8(9F) ddi_rep_get64(9F) See ddi_rep_get8(9F) ddi_rep_get8(9F) read data from the mapped memory address, device register or allocated DMA memory address ddi_rep_getb(9F) See ddi_rep_get8(9F) ddi_rep_getl(9F) See ddi_rep_get8(9F) ddi_rep_getll(9F) See ddi_rep_get8(9F) ddi_rep_getw(9F) See ddi_rep_get8(9F) ddi_rep_put16(9F) See ddi_rep_put8(9F) ddi_rep_put32(9F) See ddi_rep_put8(9F) ddi_rep_put64(9F) See ddi_rep_put8(9F) ddi_rep_put8(9F) write data to the mapped memory address, device register or allocated DMA memory address ddi_rep_putb(9F) See ddi_rep_put8(9F) ddi_rep_putl(9F) See ddi_rep_put8(9F) ddi_rep_putll(9F) See ddi_rep_put8(9F) ddi_rep_putw(9F) See ddi_rep_put8(9F) ddi_report_dev(9F) announce a device ddi_root_node(9F) get the root of the dev_info tree ddi_segmap(9F) set up a user mapping using seg_dev ddi_segmap_setup(9F) See ddi_segmap(9F) ddi_set_driver_private(9F) See ddi_get_driver_private(9F) ddi_slaveonly(9F) tell if a device is installed in a slave access only location ddi_soft_state(9F) driver soft state utility routines ddi_soft_state_fini(9F) See ddi_soft_state(9F) ddi_soft_state_free(9F) See ddi_soft_state(9F) ddi_soft_state_init(9F) See ddi_soft_state(9F) ddi_soft_state_zalloc(9F) See ddi_soft_state(9F) ddi_strtol(9F) String conversion routines ddi_strtoul(9F) String conversion functions ddi_taskq_create(9F) See taskq(9F) ddi_taskq_destroy(9F) See taskq(9F) ddi_taskq_dispatch(9F) See taskq(9F) ddi_taskq_resume(9F) See taskq(9F) ddi_taskq_suspend(9F) See taskq(9F) ddi_taskq_wait(9F) See taskq(9F) ddi_trigger_softintr(9F) See ddi_add_softintr(9F) ddi_umem_alloc(9F) allocate and free page-aligned kernel memory ddi_umem_free(9F) See ddi_umem_alloc(9F) ddi_umem_iosetup(9F) Setup I/O requests to application memory ddi_umem_lock(9F) lock and unlock memory pages ddi_umem_unlock(9F) See ddi_umem_lock(9F) ddi_unmap_regs(9F) See ddi_map_regs(9F) delay(9F) delay execution for a specified number of clock ticks devmap_default_access(9F) default driver memory access function devmap_devmem_setup(9F) set driver memory mapping parameters devmap_do_ctxmgt(9F) perform device context switching on a mapping devmap_load(9F) See devmap_unload(9F) devmap_set_ctx_timeout(9F) set the timeout value for the context management callback devmap_setup(9F) set up a user mapping to device memory using the devmap framework devmap_umem_setup(9F) See devmap_devmem_setup(9F) devmap_unload(9F) control validation of memory address translations disksort(9F) single direction elevator seek sort for buffers dlbindack(9F) DLPI device driver helper functions dlerrorack(9F) See dlbindack(9F) dlokack(9F) See dlbindack(9F) dlphysaddrack(9F) See dlbindack(9F) dluderrorind(9F) See dlbindack(9F) drv_getparm(9F) retrieve kernel state information drv_hztousec(9F) convert clock ticks to microseconds drv_priv(9F) determine driver privilege drv_usectohz(9F) convert microseconds to clock ticks drv_usecwait(9F) busy-wait for specified interval dupb(9F) duplicate a message block descriptor dupmsg(9F) duplicate a message enableok(9F) reschedule a queue for service esballoc(9F) allocate a message block using a caller-supplied buffer esbbcall(9F) call function when buffer is available flushband(9F) flush messages for a specified priority band flushq(9F) remove messages from a queue free_pktiopb(9F) See get_pktiopb(9F) freeb(9F) free a message block freemsg(9F) free all message blocks in a message freerbuf(9F) free a raw buffer header freezestr(9F) freeze, thaw the state of a stream get_pktiopb(9F) allocate/free a SCSI packet in the iopb map geterror(9F) return I/O error gethrtime(9F) get high resolution time getmajor(9F) get major device number getminor(9F) get minor device number getq(9F) get the next message from a queue getrbuf(9F) get a raw buffer header gld(9F) Generic LAN Driver service routines gld_intr(9F) See gld(9F) gld_mac_alloc(9F) See gld(9F) gld_mac_free(9F) See gld(9F) gld_recv(9F) See gld(9F) gld_register(9F) See gld(9F) gld_sched(9F) See gld(9F) gld_unregister(9F) See gld(9F) hat_getkpfnum(9F) get page frame number for kernel address id32_alloc(9F) 32-bit driver ID management routines id32_free(9F) See id32_alloc(9F) id32_lookup(9F) See id32_alloc(9F) inb(9F) read from an I/O port inl(9F) See inb(9F) insq(9F) insert a message into a queue inw(9F) See inb(9F) kmem_alloc(9F) allocate kernel memory kmem_cache_alloc(9F) See kmem_cache_create(9F) kmem_cache_create(9F) kernel memory cache allocator operations kmem_cache_destroy(9F) See kmem_cache_create(9F) kmem_cache_free(9F) See kmem_cache_create(9F) kmem_free(9F) See kmem_alloc(9F) kmem_zalloc(9F) See kmem_alloc(9F) kstat_create(9F) create and initialize a new kstat kstat_delete(9F) remove a kstat from the system kstat_install(9F) add a fully initialized kstat to the system kstat_named_init(9F) initialize a named kstat kstat_named_setstr(9F) See kstat_named_init(9F) kstat_queue(9F) update I/O kstat statistics kstat_runq_back_to_waitq(9F) See kstat_queue(9F) kstat_runq_enter(9F) See kstat_queue(9F) kstat_runq_exit(9F) See kstat_queue(9F) kstat_waitq_enter(9F) See kstat_queue(9F) kstat_waitq_exit(9F) See kstat_queue(9F) kstat_waitq_to_runq(9F) See kstat_queue(9F) ldi_add_event_handler(9F) Add an NDI event service callback handler ldi_aread(9F) Issue an asynchronous read or write request to a device ldi_awrite(9F) See ldi_aread(9F) ldi_close(9F) See ldi_open_by_dev(9F) ldi_devmap(9F) Issue a devmap request to a device ldi_dump(9F) Issue a dump request to a device ldi_get_dev(9F) Extract information from a layered handle ldi_get_devid(9F) See ldi_get_dev(9F) ldi_get_eventcookie(9F) Retrieve an NDI event service cookie for the device represented by the layered driver handle ldi_get_minor_name(9F) See ldi_get_dev(9F) ldi_get_otyp(9F) See ldi_get_dev(9F) ldi_get_size(9F) Retrieve device size ldi_getmsg(9F) See ldi_putmsg(9F) ldi_ident_from_dev(9F) ldi cookie management ldi_ident_from_dip(9F) See ldi_ident_from_dev(9F) ldi_ident_from_stream(9F) See ldi_ident_from_dev(9F) ldi_ident_release(9F) See ldi_ident_from_dev(9F) ldi_ioctl(9F) Send an ioctl to a device ldi_open_by_dev(9F) Open and close devices ldi_open_by_devid(9F) See ldi_open_by_dev(9F) ldi_open_by_name(9F) See ldi_open_by_dev(9F) ldi_poll(9F) Poll a device ldi_prop_exists(9F) Check for the existence of a property ldi_prop_get_int(9F) Lookup integer property ldi_prop_get_int64(9F) See ldi_prop_get_int(9F) ldi_prop_lookup_byte_array(9F) See ldi_prop_lookup_int_array(9F) ldi_prop_lookup_int64_array(9F) See ldi_prop_lookup_int_array(9F) ldi_prop_lookup_int_array(9F) Lookup property information ldi_prop_lookup_string(9F) See ldi_prop_lookup_int_array(9F) ldi_prop_lookup_string_array(9F) See ldi_prop_lookup_int_array(9F) ldi_putmsg(9F) Read/write message blocks from/to a stream ldi_read(9F) Read and write from a device ldi_remove_event_handler(9F) Remove an NDI event service callback ldi_strategy(9F) Device strategy request ldi_write(9F) See ldi_read(9F) linkb(9F) concatenate two message blocks makecom(9F) make a packet for SCSI commands makecom_g0(9F) See makecom(9F) makecom_g0_s(9F) See makecom(9F) makecom_g1(9F) See makecom(9F) makecom_g5(9F) See makecom(9F) makedevice(9F) make device number from major and minor numbers max(9F) return the larger of two integers mcopyin(9F) Convert an M_IOCTL or M_IOCDATA message to an M_COPYIN mcopymsg(9F) Copy message contents into a buffer mcopyout(9F) Convert an M_IOCTL or M_IOCDATA message to an M_COPYOUT memchr(9F) Memory operations memcmp(9F) See memchr(9F) memcpy(9F) See memchr(9F) memmove(9F) See memchr(9F) memset(9F) See memchr(9F) merror(9F) Send an M_ERROR message upstream mexchange(9F) Exchange one message for another min(9F) return the lesser of two integers minphys(9F) See physio(9F) mioc2ack(9F) Convert an M_IOCTL message to an M_IOCACK message miocack(9F) Positively acknowledge an M_IOCTL message miocnak(9F) Negatively acknowledge an M_IOCTL message miocpullup(9F) Prepare the payload of an M_IOCTL message for access mkiocb(9F) allocates a STREAMS ioctl block for M_IOCTL messages in the kernel. mod_info(9F) See mod_install(9F) mod_install(9F) add, remove or query a loadable module mod_remove(9F) See mod_install(9F) msgdsize(9F) return the number of bytes in a message msgpullup(9F) concatenate bytes in a message msgsize(9F) Return the total number of bytes in a message mt-streams(9F) STREAMS multithreading mutex(9F) mutual exclusion lock routines mutex_destroy(9F) See mutex(9F) mutex_enter(9F) See mutex(9F) mutex_exit(9F) See mutex(9F) mutex_init(9F) See mutex(9F) mutex_owned(9F) See mutex(9F) mutex_tryenter(9F) See mutex(9F) nochpoll(9F) error return function for non-pollable devices nodev(9F) error return function noenable(9F) prevent a queue from being scheduled nulldev(9F) zero return function numtos(9F) See stoi(9F) nv_alloc_fini(9F) See nvlist_alloc(9F) nv_alloc_init(9F) See nvlist_alloc(9F) nvlist_add_boolean(9F) value pair functions nvlist_add_boolean_array(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_boolean_value(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_byte(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_byte_array(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_int16(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_int16_array(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_int32(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_int32_array(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_int64(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_int64_array(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_int8(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_int8_array(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_nvlist(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_nvlist_array(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_nvpair(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_string(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_string_array(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_uint16(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_uint16_array(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_uint32(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_uint32_array(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_uint64(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_uint64_array(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_uint8(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_add_uint8_array(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_alloc(9F) Manage a name-value pair list nvlist_dup(9F) See nvlist_alloc(9F) nvlist_free(9F) See nvlist_alloc(9F) nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) match name and type indicated by the interface name and retrieve data value nvlist_lookup_boolean_array(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_boolean_value(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_byte(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_byte_array(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_int16(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_int16_array(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_int32(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_int32_array(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_int64(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_int64_array(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_int8(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_int8_array(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_nvlist(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_nvlist_array(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_pairs(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_string(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_string_array(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_uint16(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_uint16_array(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_uint32(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_uint32_array(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_uint64(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_uint64_array(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_uint8(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_lookup_uint8_array(9F) See nvlist_lookup_boolean(9F) nvlist_merge(9F) See nvlist_alloc(9F) nvlist_next_nvpair(9F) return data regarding name-value pairs nvlist_pack(9F) See nvlist_alloc(9F) nvlist_remove(9F) remove name-value pairs nvlist_remove_all(9F) See nvlist_remove(9F) nvlist_size(9F) See nvlist_alloc(9F) nvlist_t(9F) See nvlist_add_boolean(9F) nvlist_unpack(9F) See nvlist_alloc(9F) nvlist_xalloc(9F) See nvlist_alloc(9F) nvlist_xdup(9F) See nvlist_alloc(9F) nvlist_xpack(9F) See nvlist_alloc(9F) nvlist_xunpack(9F) See nvlist_alloc(9F) nvpair_name(9F) See nvlist_next_nvpair(9F) nvpair_type(9F) See nvlist_next_nvpair(9F) nvpair_value_boolean_array(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_byte(9F) retrieve value from a name-value pair nvpair_value_byte_array(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_int16(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_int16_array(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_int32(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_int32_array(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_int64(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_int64_array(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_int8(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_int8_array(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_nvlist(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_nvlist_array(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_string(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_string_array(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_uint16(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_uint16_array(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_uint32(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_uint32_array(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_uint64(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_uint64_array(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_uint8(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) nvpair_value_uint8_array(9F) See nvpair_value_byte(9F) otherq(9F) See OTHERQ(9F) outb(9F) write to an I/O port outl(9F) See outb(9F) outw(9F) See outb(9F) pci_config_get16(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_get32(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_get64(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_get8(9F) read or write single datum of various sizes to the PCI Local Bus Configuration space pci_config_getb(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_getl(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_getll(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_getw(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_put16(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_put32(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_put64(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_put8(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_putb(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_putl(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_putll(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_putw(9F) See pci_config_get8(9F) pci_config_setup(9F) setup or tear down the resources for enabling accesses to the PCI Local Bus Configuration space pci_config_teardown(9F) See pci_config_setup(9F) pci_report_pmcap(9F) Report Power Management capability of a PCI device pci_restore_config_regs(9F) See pci_save_config_regs(9F) pci_save_config_regs(9F) save and restore the PCI configuration registers physio(9F) perform physical I/O pm_busy_component(9F) Control device component availability for Power Management pm_idle_component(9F) See pm_busy_component(9F) pm_lower_power(9F) See pm_raise_power(9F) pm_power_has_changed(9F) Notify Power Management framework of autonomous power level change pm_raise_power(9F) Raise or lower power of components pm_trans_check(9F) Device power cycle advisory check pollwakeup(9F) inform a process that an event has occurred priv_getbyname(9F) map a privilege name to a number priv_policy(9F) check, report, and audit privileges priv_policy_choice(9F) See priv_policy(9F) priv_policy_only(9F) See priv_policy(9F) proc_ref(9F) See proc_signal(9F) proc_signal(9F) send a signal to a process proc_unref(9F) See proc_signal(9F) ptob(9F) convert size in pages to size in bytes pullupmsg(9F) concatenate bytes in a message put(9F) call a STREAMS put procedure putbq(9F) place a message at the head of a queue putctl(9F) send a control message to a queue putctl1(9F) send a control message with a one-byte parameter to a queue putnext(9F) send a message to the next queue putnextctl(9F) send a control message to a queue putnextctl1(9F) send a control message with a one-byte parameter to a queue putq(9F) put a message on a queue qassociate(9F) associate STREAMS queue with driver instance qbufcall(9F) call a function when a buffer becomes available qenable(9F) enable a queue qprocsoff(9F) See qprocson(9F) qprocson(9F) enable, disable put and service routines qreply(9F) send a message on a stream in the reverse direction qsize(9F) find the number of messages on a queue qtimeout(9F) execute a function after a specified length of time qunbufcall(9F) cancel a pending qbufcall request quntimeout(9F) cancel previous qtimeout function call qwait(9F) STREAMS wait routines qwait_sig(9F) See qwait(9F) qwriter(9F) asynchronous STREAMS perimeter upgrade rd(9F) See RD(9F) repinsb(9F) See inb(9F) repinsd(9F) See inb(9F) repinsw(9F) See inb(9F) repoutsb(9F) See outb(9F) repoutsd(9F) See outb(9F) repoutsw(9F) See outb(9F) rmalloc(9F) allocate space from a resource map rmalloc_wait(9F) allocate space from a resource map, wait if necessary rmallocmap(9F) allocate and free resource maps rmallocmap_wait(9F) See rmallocmap(9F) rmfree(9F) free space back into a resource map rmfreemap(9F) See rmallocmap(9F) rmvb(9F) remove a message block from a message rmvq(9F) remove a message from a queue rw_destroy(9F) See rwlock(9F) rw_downgrade(9F) See rwlock(9F) rw_enter(9F) See rwlock(9F) rw_exit(9F) See rwlock(9F) rw_init(9F) See rwlock(9F) rw_read_locked(9F) See rwlock(9F) rw_tryenter(9F) See rwlock(9F) rw_tryupgrade(9F) See rwlock(9F) rwlock(9F) readers/writer lock functions samestr(9F) See SAMESTR(9F) scsi_abort(9F) abort a SCSI command scsi_alloc_consistent_buf(9F) allocate an I/O buffer for SCSI DMA scsi_cname(9F) decode a SCSI name scsi_destroy_pkt(9F) free an allocated SCSI packet and its DMA resource scsi_dmafree(9F) See scsi_dmaget(9F) scsi_dmaget(9F) SCSI dma utility routines scsi_dname(9F) See scsi_cname(9F) scsi_errmsg(9F) display a SCSI request sense message scsi_free_consistent_buf(9F) free a previously allocated SCSI DMA I/O buffer scsi_get_device_type_scsi_options(9F) look up per-device-type scsi-options property scsi_hba_attach(9F) See scsi_hba_attach_setup(9F) scsi_hba_attach_setup(9F) SCSI HBA attach and detach routines scsi_hba_detach(9F) See scsi_hba_attach_setup(9F) scsi_hba_fini(9F) See scsi_hba_init(9F) scsi_hba_init(9F) SCSI Host Bus Adapter system initialization and completion routines scsi_hba_lookup_capstr(9F) return index matching capability string scsi_hba_pkt_alloc(9F) allocate and free a scsi_pkt structure scsi_hba_pkt_free(9F) See scsi_hba_pkt_alloc(9F) scsi_hba_probe(9F) default SCSI HBA probe function scsi_hba_tran_alloc(9F) allocate and free transport structures scsi_hba_tran_free(9F) See scsi_hba_tran_alloc(9F) scsi_ifgetcap(9F) get/set SCSI transport capability scsi_ifsetcap(9F) See scsi_ifgetcap(9F) scsi_init_pkt(9F) prepare a complete SCSI packet scsi_log(9F) display a SCSI-device-related message scsi_mname(9F) See scsi_cname(9F) scsi_pktalloc(9F) SCSI packet utility routines scsi_pktfree(9F) See scsi_pktalloc(9F) scsi_poll(9F) run a polled SCSI command on behalf of a target driver scsi_probe(9F) utility for probing a scsi device scsi_resalloc(9F) See scsi_pktalloc(9F) scsi_reset(9F) reset a SCSI bus or target scsi_reset_notify(9F) notify target driver of bus resets scsi_resfree(9F) See scsi_pktalloc(9F) scsi_rname(9F) See scsi_cname(9F) scsi_setup_cdb(9F) setup SCSI command descriptor block (CDB) scsi_slave(9F) utility for SCSI target drivers to establish the presence of a target scsi_sname(9F) See scsi_cname(9F) scsi_sync_pkt(9F) synchronize CPU and I/O views of memory scsi_transport(9F) request by a SCSI target driver to start a command scsi_unprobe(9F) free resources allocated during initial probing scsi_unslave(9F) See scsi_unprobe(9F) scsi_vu_errmsg(9F) display a SCSI request sense message sema_destroy(9F) See semaphore(9F) sema_init(9F) See semaphore(9F) sema_p(9F) See semaphore(9F) sema_p_sig(9F) See semaphore(9F) sema_tryp(9F) See semaphore(9F) sema_v(9F) See semaphore(9F) semaphore(9F) semaphore functions snprintf(9F) See sprintf(9F) sprintf(9F) format characters in memory stoi(9F) convert between an integer and a decimal string strcasecmp(9F) See strcmp(9F) strchr(9F) find a character in a string strcmp(9F) compare two null-terminated strings. strcpy(9F) String operations. strlcat(9F) See strcpy(9F) strlcpy(9F) See strcpy(9F) strlen(9F) determine the number of non-null bytes in a string strlog(9F) submit messages to the log driver strncasecmp(9F) See strcmp(9F) strncat(9F) See strcpy(9F) strncmp(9F) See strcmp(9F) strncpy(9F) See strcpy(9F) strqget(9F) get information about a queue or band of the queue strqset(9F) change information about a queue or band of the queue strrchr(9F) See strchr(9F) strspn(9F) See strcpy(9F) swab(9F) swap bytes in 16-bit halfwords taskq(9F) Kernel task queue operations taskq_suspended(9F) See taskq(9F) testb(9F) check for an available buffer timeout(9F) execute a function after a specified length of time uiomove(9F) copy kernel data using uio structure unbufcall(9F) cancel a pending bufcall request unfreezestr(9F) See freezestr(9F) unlinkb(9F) remove a message block from the head of a message untimeout(9F) cancel previous timeout function call ureadc(9F) add character to a uio structure usb_alloc_bulk_req(9F) See usb_alloc_request(9F) usb_alloc_ctrl_req(9F) See usb_alloc_request(9F) usb_alloc_intr_req(9F) See usb_alloc_request(9F) usb_alloc_isoc_req(9F) See usb_alloc_request(9F) usb_alloc_request(9F) Allocate and free USB transfer requests usb_client_attach(9F) USBA framework registration of client USB drivers usb_client_detach(9F) See usb_client_attach(9F) usb_clr_feature(9F) Clear feature of USB device, interface or endpoint usb_create_pm_components(9F) Create power management components for USB devices usb_free_bulk_req(9F) See usb_alloc_request(9F) usb_free_ctrl_req(9F) See usb_alloc_request(9F) usb_free_descr_tree(9F) See usb_get_dev_data(9F) usb_free_dev_data(9F) See usb_get_dev_data(9F) usb_free_intr_req(9F) See usb_alloc_request(9F) usb_free_isoc_req(9F) See usb_alloc_request(9F) usb_get_addr(9F) Retrieve device USB address usb_get_alt_if(9F) Get and set alternate interface values usb_get_cfg(9F) Get and set current USB device configuration usb_get_current_frame_number(9F) Return current logical usb frame number usb_get_dev_data(9F) Retrieve device configuration information usb_get_if_number(9F) See usb_get_alt_if(9F) usb_get_max_pkts_per_isoc_request(9F) Get maximum number of packets allowed per isochronous request usb_get_status(9F) Get status of a USB device/endpoint/interface usb_get_string_descr(9F) Get string descriptor from device usb_handle_remote_wakeup(9F) Enable or disable remote wakeup on USB devices usb_lookup_ep_data(9F) Lookup endpoint information usb_owns_device(9F) See usb_get_alt_if(9F) usb_parse_data(9F) Tokenize and align the bytes of raw variable-format data usb_pipe_bulk_xfer(9F) USB bulk transfer function usb_pipe_close(9F) Close and cleanup a USB device pipe usb_pipe_ctrl_xfer(9F) USB control pipe transfer functions usb_pipe_ctrl_xfer_wait(9F) See usb_pipe_ctrl_xfer(9F) usb_pipe_drain_reqs(9F) Allow completion of pending pipe requests usb_pipe_get_max_bulk_transfer_size(9F) Get maximum bulk transfer size usb_pipe_get_private(9F) See usb_pipe_set_private(9F) usb_pipe_get_state(9F) Return USB pipe state usb_pipe_intr_xfer(9F) USB interrupt transfer and polling functions usb_pipe_isoc_xfer(9F) USB isochronous transfer and polling functions usb_pipe_open(9F) Open a USB pipe to a device usb_pipe_reset(9F) Abort queued requests from a USB pipe and reset the pipe usb_pipe_set_private(9F) USB user-defined pipe data-field facility usb_pipe_stop_intr_polling(9F) See usb_pipe_intr_xfer(9F) usb_pipe_stop_isoc_polling(9F) See usb_pipe_isoc_xfer(9F) usb_print_descr_tree(9F) See usb_get_dev_data(9F) usb_register_hotplug_cbs(9F) Register/unregister for notification of device hotplug events usb_set_alt_if(9F) See usb_get_alt_if(9F) usb_set_cfg(9F) See usb_get_cfg(9F) usb_unregister_hotplug_cbs(9F) See usb_register_hotplug_cbs(9F) uwritec(9F) remove a character from a uio structure va_arg(9F) handle variable argument list va_copy(9F) See va_arg(9F) va_end(9F) See va_arg(9F) va_start(9F) See va_arg(9F) vcmn_err(9F) See cmn_err(9F) vsprintf(9F) format characters in memory wr(9F) See WR(9F) zcmn_err(9F) See cmn_err(9F) SunOS 5.10 21 Dec 2004 Intro(9F)

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