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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for xmstring (redhat section 3)

XmString(library call)									       XmString(library call)

XmString -- Data type for a compound string
#include <Xm/Xm.h>
XmString is the data type for a compound string. Compound strings consist of a sequence of components, including, but not limited to, the following: o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_SEPARATOR o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_TAB o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_LAYOUT_POP o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_DIRECTION o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_LAYOUT_PUSH o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_CHARSET o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_FONTLIST_ELEMENT_TAG o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_LOCALE o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_LOCALE_TEXT o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_TAG o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_TEXT o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_END o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_RENDITION_BEGIN o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_RENDITION_END o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_UNKNOWN o XmSTRING_COMPONENT_WIDECHAR_TEXT and also a rendition tags table, text, and text component. When a compound string is displayed, the rendition tags and the direction are used to determine how to display the text. Calling XtGetValues for a resource whose type is XmString yields a copy of the compound string resource value. The application is responsible for using XmStringFree to free the memory allocated for the copy. Please see the XmStringComponentType reference page for more detail about compound string components, and for a description of the order in which the components should appear in a compound string. Refer to the XmRen- derTable reference page for a description of the algorithm that associates the rendition tags used for dis- playing a compound string text component with a rendition in a render table.
XmParseMapping(3), XmParseMappingCreate(3), XmParseMappingFree(3), XmParseMappingGetValues(3), XmParseMap- pingSetValues(3), XmParseTable(3), XmParseTableFree(3), XmStringBaseline(3), XmStringByteCompare(3), XmString- ByteStreamLength(3), XmStringCompare(3), XmStringComponentCreate(3), XmStringComponentType(3), XmStringCon- cat(3), XmStringConcatAndFree(3), XmStringCopy(3), XmStringCreate(3), XmStringCreateLocalized(3), XmStringCre- ateLtoR(3), XmStringCreateSimple(3), XmStringDirection(3), XmStringDirectionCreate(3), XmStringDirectionToDi- rection(3), XmStringDraw(3), XmStringDrawImage(3), XmStringDrawUnderline(3), XmStringEmpty(3), XmStringEx- tent(3), XmStringFree(3), XmStringFreeContext(3), XmStringGenerate(3), XmStringGetLtoR(3), XmStringGetNextCom- ponent(3), XmStringGetNextSegment(3), XmStringGetNextTriple(3), XmStringHasSubstring(3), XmStringHeight(3), XmStringInitContext(3), XmStringIsVoid(3), XmStringLength(3), XmStringLineCount(3), XmStringNConcat(3), XmStringNCopy(3), XmStringParseText(3), XmStringPeekNextComponent(3), XmStringPeekNextTriple(3), XmStringPu- tRendition(3), XmStringSegmentCreate(3), XmStringSeparatorCreate(3), XmStringTable(3), XmStringTableParseS- tringArray(3), XmStringTableProposeTablist(3), XmStringTableToXmString(3), XmStringTableUnparse(3), XmString- ToXmStringTable(3), XmStringUnparse(3), XmStringWidth(3), XmCvtXmStringToByteStream(3), XmCvtXmStringToCT(3), XmCvtCTToXmString(3), and XmCvtByteStreamToXmString(3). XmString(library call)

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